We know that TV is very harmful to children. Watching TV for a long time will make children only interested in TV programs, not interested in other things. They are gradually reluctant to go out to make friends, and become withdrawn, even autistic. in the course of time. The lack of interaction between people will hinder children’s social ability. Therefore, parents should let children no longer indulge in TV and become the real owners of TV!

How to make children stop indulging in TV

First of all, when children are watching their favorite programs with interest, parents should not force the TV to turn off, but cleverly guide children away from the TV screen. At this time, parents can let their children do what they like best, attract them and let them go away from the TV on their own initiative. For example, let children go to the cold drink shop to buy ice cream and borrow things from neighbors. Divert children’s attention and gradually dilute their infatuation with TV.

Second, take some time to arrange their daily activities so that they don’t have to use TV to fill the time gap. When I have nothing to do in my spare time, I am very bored, so I have a strong desire to watch TV. Therefore, parents should take some time to arrange their children’s daily activities, such as getting up, eating three meals, snacks, going to bed, taking a lunch break, telling stories and playing games reasonably and properly. Meanwhile, they should also arrange appropriate outdoor activities, walking, visiting relatives and friends or engaging in some sports activities, so as to enrich their children’s life. As time goes on, children’s desire to watch TV will become smaller and smaller, and they will no longer depend on the world presented by TV.

Third, consciously cultivate children’s interests and hobbies, guide them to learn to enjoy the fun of life. For example, let children often participate in sports, in which children need to devote themselves to sports, so as to experience the joy, regret, success and moving brought by sports, which will leave a deep memory in their hearts. This kind of personal experience can never be experienced by watching TV programs. From passive participation in the beginning, they will gradually become active participation, and their addiction to TV has been quietly replaced.

Fourth, instruct children to watch TV selectively. Parents can view the program notice through TV newspaper or digital TV in advance, and then negotiate with their children to draw up a family viewing plan, which must be very specific and detailed, including the time of watching and TV programs. In the selection of programs, try to let children watch knowledge programs, the best way is to let children watch programs with weak continuity, and children will not be anxiously looking forward to the broadcast time all day.

Fifth, give children a democratic and happy family atmosphere. Parents usually have to play with them for a while, play games with them and study with them. Maybe they don’t rely on TV and animation as much as they do. Now the children are lonely. We should expand the children’s social circle properly, so that the children can contact more with the surrounding children. If the children have friends, the TV is no longer the only partner of the children.

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