In some families, watching TV has even become a major activity in children’s daily life. Children’s over dependence on TV is very harmful. It will not only affect their physical health such as vision and weight, but also hinder their development of intelligence, attention, social ability and life exploration ability. So what about children who love watching TV?

How do children like watching TV

1. Gradually reduce the time children spend watching TV. Do not forcibly turn off the TV, because watching TV has become an important spiritual life of children. Turning off the TV is a kind of rough deprivation of children’s rights, which is easy to cause children’s resistance.

2. Properly arrange the time for children to watch TV, and reasonably arrange their work schedule for study, rest and watching TV. For example, after finishing homework every day, you can watch half an hour of TV. Weekend, weekend, winter and summer vacation can appropriately extend the time of watching TV. For younger children, watching TV can be used as a reward to cultivate their good behavior.

3. Parents and children choose TV programs and watch TV together.

This can not only create a harmonious family atmosphere, but also avoid some TV programs have a bad impact on children. When we watch TV with our children, we should often discuss. For example, when we watch advertisements, our children are easily deluded and quarrel to buy this and that. At this time, parents should tell their children what they need to buy at home, what you don’t need to buy, make sense, and guide their children’s consumption behavior. If other media publish comments on some advertisements, parents can read them to their children, so that they can have a kind of reflective ability on advertisements from childhood, which is conducive to their future entering the society.

4. Parents should set an example to be persuasive to their children.

Parents should first make reasonable arrangements for watching TV and try not to turn on the TV when their children are doing their homework. If you are not in the same room with your child, you should also turn down the volume as much as possible to avoid distracting your child. After all, your child is still young and has poor self-control.

5. Parents should pay attention to their children’s daily life, communicate with them as much as possible, and learn to help their children succeed in real life and gradually break away from the fantasy world.  

&Therefore, parents play a leading role in making children say goodbye to TV! Although you are very tired after work, although you have less time, please spare some time to accompany your child more, so that the child is far away from the harm of TV. If you want to know more about electric shock prevention for children at home, please continue to pay attention to the recent update of Baibai safety net