Children who watch TV for a long time have narrower retinal vessels at the back of their eyeballs, a study has found. These changes in blood vessels will increase their risk of heart disease, high blood pressure and other diseases when they grow up. Therefore, let children watch TV correctly.

Screening programs designed for infants

Most adult programs have rich sound and light stimulation effects, and the pace is very fast, in fact, it is not suitable for children under 2 years old to watch, because the baby’s brain is still in the development stage, it must be through the process of continuous repetition to construct the cognition of things, which is the reason why baoxihuan keeps watching the same programs or doing the same activities repeatedly. Excessive sound and light stimulation will make the baby passive to receive information. Therefore, parents are advised to choose TV programs or channels specially designed for infants under 2 years old to reduce the adverse effects of watching TV on the baby.

Accompany the baby

Don’t let TV be the baby’s mother protector. It’s very important for parents to accompany their baby to watch TV together. This can not only enhance the parent-child interaction, but also help parents understand the influence of these contents on their baby through observing the baby’s response. They can even use some plots to help the baby learn and encourage the baby to express the plot in a way that they understand. This is also a kind of training A good way for babies to express themselves.

If you find that some content causes trouble to your baby, you can immediately communicate and answer the confusion. After reading, you can also interact with the content to increase the topic between parents and children. In addition, parents can use these programs to understand their children’s development and current needs, and apply these concepts in daily life, adjust their pace to match their children’s development.

Set clear norms and abide by them together

For example, the time of watching TV does not exceed 20 minutes each time. When watching TV, you should keep a certain distance from the TV, and you must not watch TV during the meal time. These norms must be observed by parents together, because usually adults watch TV, and children will watch it. Therefore, the best way to avoid children’s addiction to TV is for adults to observe them together with children, to help children establish correct viewing habits and attitudes, so that children can also benefit from watching TV.

In a word, if parents want their children to watch TV correctly, they need to make clear regulations and abide by them together! This is the best way! If you want to know more about children’s home electric shock prevention, please go to this safety net to find relevant information.