The development of science and technology has brought new challenges to education. Parents often complain that their children have lost a lot of time due to their addiction to various forms of video games. So how to guide children? Let the baby use the computer to play new ideas, parents point to a look!

1. Advantages and disadvantages brought by computer to baby

Compared with the traditional media, the computer can present many information such as text, image, voice, color, etc. at the same time, it is rich in variety and intuitive image. It is a big window for the baby to expand his vision. It can not only promote the development of his imagination, understanding, memory, thinking ability, but also promote the development of his non intelligence factors. For example, through playing computer, the baby can communicate more topics and contents with adults or small partners, which indirectly enhances the cooperation spirit of the baby. However, if the baby does not control to play the computer, or even let the computer play the role of nanny, then the computer will become a huge obstacle to the growth of the baby. For example, playing computer for a long time will damage your baby’s vision, electromagnetic radiation will do harm to your baby’s health, addicting to computer will affect the development of your baby’s social interaction ability, if you use computer instead of thinking, it will also affect the development of your baby’s thinking ability, etc.

2. Treat the function of computer correctly

Dr. a. gallande, an American psychologist, has drawn a conclusion from a large number of studies that it is not a bad thing for children to learn computer. Children’s learning computer may change their interests, but it will not change their personality, especially their social habits. At the same time, the computer is just a tool for us. It is not very important for the baby to learn now. It will neither bring irreparable loss nor extraordinary benefits to the baby. Like toys and books, computers are just tools. Any improper use of tools will bring damage to children. Proper use can promote the growth of children. Therefore, we don’t need to deliberately exclude the computer, nor exaggerate the benefits of the computer. The only thing we can do is to adjust the plan according to the actual situation of the baby. By strictly controlling the time for the baby to play with the computer (generally within half an hour every day, the smaller the child, the shorter the time), pay attention to the distance between the baby’s eyes and the computer screen, buy a low radiation display, and use the power Add goggles in front of the brain screen to reduce the damage of the computer to the baby’s health, so as to make rational use of the computer as a educational toy, and better promote the development of the baby.

3. Guide the baby to play new ideas with the computer

For a baby, the computer is first of all an interesting toy, so if the parents can’t guide him well, he may be addicted to computer games and become a prisoner of computer games. In addition to using the computer to do some meaningful things, parents can also guide the baby to combine many games in daily life with the computer, so that the baby’s obsession with the computer can be transformed. For example, use the computer to draw, encourage the baby to spell out the pictures drawn with colored paper, or use the computer to edit the pictures of different ages of the baby, and write some with the baby Interesting text, then print it out and make it into a Book of baby’s own

Here’s a principle, especially when the children haven’t cultivated the habit, parents must know the time when the children play computer, otherwise, the whole situation will be out of control. Baibai safety net’s knowledge about children’s home electric shock prevention is still being updated. Please lock in our relevant columns!