As the baby grows up a little bit, the mother wants to open up her baby’s vision through TV so that the little guy can get useful information from TV programs. However, you know that children who grow up with TV are more harmful than you think!

Let TV accompany the growing children, harm more than you think!

Let’s look at American culture, education, morality and society more than 40 years after the popularity of television. The U.S. Department of education reported that 70 million young people are functional illiterate; many of them are illiterate, unable to calculate or think after graduation from high school; only seven percent of the 17-year-old youth have the level of university science courses; the 13-year-old children in the United States are the last to last in an international science and mathematics test.

Passive TV watching activities take the place of children’s active participation in activities, so that the brain lacks stimulation and development. TV itself has a numbing effect on brain nerves and all senses, which is similar to drug addiction. Therefore, TV watching can also be addictive. When watching TV, the brain wave is alpha wave, slower than the usual beta wave. Especially, the left brain has no response. Only the right brain receives the picture and emotional information. The left brain is the function of thinking, judgment and analysis, which is turned off when watching TV. It’s no wonder that advertising uses this weakness to promote products, because it doesn’t need to be justified. As long as it attracts people with vivid pictures and short sentences, children and adults will buy products as hypnotized.

Because of advertisements, Americans like to eat junk food with high sugar and fat, and obesity has become an epidemic disease. The fluorescence of TV flickers 50 to 60 times per second, which is more than 20 times per second that our nervous system can keep up with. At the same time, because the light is direct light, which is different from the reflection light we are familiar with, the eyes stop responding naturally. The eyes are in a static state, and the vision is completely adjusted by the frequency of the eyes. Watching TV causes vision deterioration. It can be imagined that not only vision, other senses And rest. Generally, parents don’t think that children’s sleep, digestion, irregular heart beat, emotional irritability, tiredness, work and play are easy to get tired of, drugs, alcohol, hard heart, sexual indulgence, learning difficulties, inflexible hands and feet, attention can’t be focused and so on are related to watching TV. Some parents in Europe and America have recognized these problems and started to “quit” TV.

Television greatly reduces children’s imagination, because children promote imagination through “imaginary” games and imagination when listening to stories. At the same time, children’s physical activities promote the formation of willpower. If there is no activity, they will feel that life is meaningless and has no goal in their adolescence, and they have more heart and less power to do things.

Suggestions of Baibai safety net: when the baby falls in love with TV, in order to let the baby really alienate from TV, the mother should consciously increase the time with the baby, such as playing games, walking, strolling in the park with the baby, etc., so as to provide the baby with broad activity space and enrich the baby’s life, which is conducive to alienating the relationship between the baby and the “TV nanny”. Baibai safety net’s knowledge about children’s home electric shock prevention is still being updated. Please lock in our relevant columns