Nowadays, many children are crazy about TV. When they get home from school, the first one is to turn on the TV and watch cartoons. It’s a headache for many parents, but today we see that because of the parents’ practice, it will make you realize that watching TV can also help children so much.

Make TV a composition tutor for children

My mother said: “my children have a feature. They love watching TV, especially cartoons. After watching them, they can tell the story of TV, and they can also talk about it with high eyebrows.”. I have an idea. Isn’t it a good way to train children to use language, vocabulary and composition practice to let children retell and supplement TV plots? So I solemnly assigned tasks to the children: half an hour’s animation program is allowed to watch every day, but there is a requirement that the content of the program must be recorded completely, and then handed over to grandma, so that grandma can not only understand the content of the program, but also feel lively and interesting. Naturally, the child agreed happily. He would not let go of the chance to watch cartoons.

Since then, children have paid more attention to watching TV and completed the task of “watching TV and writing composition” seriously every day. According to our instructions, the child’s grandmother comments on the story submitted by the child every day, and encourages the well used words and sentences from time to time. Half a year later, the children’s composition has made progress, and the ability of writing expression has been significantly enhanced. Some of the vividness makes us all applaud. The teacher also reflected that the child’s composition in class has improved a lot, and he will never be dazed in the face of composition problems. This event inspired me to be good at guiding children according to circumstances! “

Therefore, let the television become the child’s composition tutor, will certainly get twice the result with half the effort! Try your mother’s method, which may help your child’s composition level. If you want to know more about children’s home electric shock prevention knowledge, this website has a lot of relevant knowledge for you to find, hope to help you!