The children’s room is the most rigid and innovative. Children are full of infinite creativity. If the decoration of children is as heavy and serious as the old people’s room, it will restrict the creativity of children. Today, let’s see how to decorate children’s room more creatively, let baby enjoy it and stimulate creativity.

I. selection of paint

When choosing the basic paint color, parents had better use the children’s color preference as the starting point, in addition to the bedding color matching. In order to increase children’s interest, each paint wall of different colors in a room coordinates the existing color scheme.

If you need a more traditional mode, you can choose the same paint color. A vivid color such as bright blue or green is the ideal choice. You can keep the rest of the room in a soft color, which is more harmonious.

II. Creating murals

If you choose to create a specific theme room for your child, create a mural to complement the decoration. Create a jungle themed painting of palm trees, vines and tropical plants; create a beach scene by painting waves, beach castles, beach umbrellas and seagulls. If Mom and dad have a certain artistic foundation, they can draw directly on the wall with their bare hands. The more reassuring choice is to buy models or drawing templates and directly spray painting.

III. painting mode

Parents can add a creative angle to the painting or design of children’s room decoration mode. A chessboard or diamond pattern is a popular choice. Mom and dad can get inspiration from choosing the color of bedding in the room and incorporate it into the design.

Bold colors can be fully utilized, but mom and dad can choose soft colors if they match the style of the room. For a girl who likes to be a princess, it is more suitable for the girl to paint the wall with pink or purple shadow and then paint the crown on the head of the bed.

In a boy’s room, it’s nice to create a castle wall like effect painting over the bed. The stripe color painted on the wall needs to match the decoration of the room. Alternate stripe width to create more space. Mom and dad can also use the big dot pattern to enhance the color contrast. Using different sizes and shapes of packaged templates will make the boy’s room more modern.

Four, special effects

Create a painting effect by using sponge painting or rag scrolling. These technologies give structure and benefits to the original. Consider painting a wall or part of a wall in chalkboard paint. This allows your child the opportunity to express themselves in chalk on the wall. You can also use magnetic paint so that you can connect artwork to the wall with magnets. For a girl’s room, buy flash paint to add some sparks to her room. Use fluorescent paint to create an exterior space design.

Generally speaking, try not to decorate children’s rooms with the eyes of the expert. Try to communicate with children and observe their sensitivity to color. Light up children’s creativity and learn how to arrange children’s rooms. If you want to learn more about what kind of good little knowledge children’s protective fence is online, you can go to Baibai safety net to check and read.