Nowadays, some parents rely on TV and other electronic products. They spend their time with TV, mobile phone and computer when they are free, which makes a bad demonstration for their children. In this regard, many parents will be very anxious, so what should we do to control children’s watching TV?

Choose TV programs with children

It’s almost impossible for a child not to watch TV, and watching TV is also good for his growth. He has this right, the key is to choose. First, let children watch some special children’s programs or educational programs, but it’s better not to watch more than one and a half hours of TV every day. Parents should pay special attention to not allowing their children to look around. They should watch whatever they want, so as not to look for some programs that are not suitable for them blindly and randomly.

The research found that there are two kinds of programs most suitable for children to watch: one is children’s literature, like some famous children’s literature works, fairy tale adapted feature films and cartoons are very good; the other is knowledge, such as nature exploration, various knowledge and fantasy programs are also very good for children. It is very beneficial for children to watch such TV programs for their physical and mental development, because children’s observation is intuitive, and the younger they are, the less they like words and pictures. In short, parents choose some high-quality TV programs for their children, which is a wise attitude to guide children to use media scientifically.

Guide children to watch more news and current events. In the survey, we found that some children have no time to watch TV or read books because of their study pressure. As a result, their life is poor and they don’t even know some basic common sense. I think it is very unfavorable for the development of children, especially when they are in the senior grade of primary school, especially in the middle school. It is suggested that children watch the news broadcast every day for only half an hour. Because in middle school, children need to be mindful of the world and care about current domestic and international affairs. Let children develop the habit of watching news every day, so that gradually accumulated information may become the starting point of children’s reserve.

Guide children to see advertisements. An open world, but also a world of advertising, advertising will use art, exaggeration to show the beautiful side of their products. We should remind children not to blindly follow the advertising consumption, guide children to judge which information is correct and useful, and use its advantages to prevent its disadvantages, which is a mature advertising education.

Agree on TV time

Make an agreement with the children on the time of watching TV and strictly abide by it. For example, when a child is young, it’s better to watch TV for no more than one hour and go to middle school for no more than two hours. Of course, the rules of time should be carefully negotiated with the children, and then a rule should be made. After the rule is made, it can not be violated. We must speak and count. If the child violates, there should be punishment. For example, as long as the time is exceeded, the penalty is that you can’t watch TV for two days, or you can’t watch TV for a week. We must make our children abide by the rules, do what they say, and make them responsible for themselves.

Temporarily “ignore” the child

Limit your children to watch TV. A temporary “cold shoulder” may help! Many young parents said that due to their young age, children’s demands for not allowing them to watch TV are often dealt with by crying. Listening to their children’s crying, many parents can only “catch them without hesitation”. In fact, parents should first declare the rules, if the child does not comply with them, they can take the method of temporarily ignoring the child. Children can’t watch TV because of noisy, first of all ignore, if the child willfully fell things, we should seriously warn him: damage things to compensate, and a longer time not to watch TV.

Parents should restrain themselves. Ask your child to watch TV in moderation. Of course, parents should set an example. In real life, some parents really lack other hobbies. They spend all their spare time in front of the TV. If they don’t spend time watching TV, they ask their children to watch less or not, which is very difficult.

I hope the knowledge of this article can be used as your reference, maybe not necessarily for your children, but may as well try it! The common sense of children’s home electric shock prevention is still in the process of updating, please continue to pay attention to this website!