I remember when we were little, the most interesting thing to play was to go down the river with our little friends to touch shrimp, play hide and seek, take pictures, origami frogs, origami airplanes… After school, we stayed in front of the TV and watched the “windmill” for a while. There was no more we wanted to watch after the TV. It has to be said that there was a lot of fun in childhood at that time. Nowadays, many children are still infatuated with TV, but the little one should pay attention to it! What should we pay attention to when watching TV? Let’s study together. ,

What should babies pay attention to when watching TV

1. Avoid watching TV for a long time, which will damage your baby’s nervous system and body.

Especially for preschoolers, it’s better to control the time of watching TV every day. It’s suggested that it should be within 40 minutes.

2. Shock the hearing effect and carefully hurt the baby’s ears.

Under the stimulation of high volume for a long time, the baby’s small ears are not only easy to reduce the sense of hearing and form bad hearing habits, but also easy to lead to the decrease of the sense of vision and so on. On the contrary, using a relatively small volume can greatly promote the development of children’s hearing, vision and attention.

2. Pay attention to your baby. Do you always want to get closer to the TV.

The development of children’s eyes is not yet mature. Under the long-term stimulation of the strong light from the screen, the eyes are not only easy to reduce the visual acuity and adaptability, but also easy to cause the reduction of ciliary muscle regulation function, leading to myopia. Generally speaking, when watching TV, it is advisable to place the child’s seat 2.5-4 meters away from the TV.

4. Cinema effect is not allowed at home.

The cinema effect here refers to the dim light. Watching TV in the dim indoor environment for a long time will affect the development of children’s visual function and also lead to myopia. During the TV watching time after dinner, it is recommended that you do not turn off all the lights. You can install a small red light behind the TV to protect your eyesight.

The times are different and the society is improving. Confucianism stresses the doctrine of the mean. We can’t separate children from TV, but we can weigh the advantages and disadvantages, care more about children’s life and spoil less. If you want to know more about electric shock prevention for children at home, please continue to pay attention to the recent update of Baibai safety net.