If let children choose to read or watch TV, I believe most children will choose to watch TV. Because the programs on TV are colorful, diverse and special for children, TV is full of temptation for children. However, many children are addicted to TV. Why?

Lonely, let the child fall in love with TV!

On holidays, in addition to the school run interest classes, my son’s biggest hobby is watching TV. He can watch TV all night long.

One day, I read in the newspaper that it is easy for people to walk into the abyss of loneliness and become superficial, that is to say, become so-called “plane people”. So, at dinner, I asked my son, “why do you like watching TV so much? Can’t you look less? ” The 8-year-old son thought for a while and then said something that surprised us: “because we lack communication!”

The whole family laughed at this remark. I immediately asked him, “are we still lack of communication with you? You see, I’ll eat with you, sleep with you, study with you and go shopping with you. I’m afraid that you’ll be lonely at home on your own holiday, and grandma will come to accompany you from her hometown in the countryside! ” To tell you the truth, I have no bottom in my mind. The son’s words are almost blurted out, but this casual sentence may be the root of the problem.

While eating, I “chewed” my son’s words and found that what he said is not unreasonable. A child who lacks communication with others has to be close to TV, which is the same as an adult who lacks communication with the real world and is easy to be “in love” with the Internet.

As a parent, what should we do?

For children’s behavior, as adults, there is no right to criticize, but only the duty of reflection. Looking back, in addition to creating conditions for children to eat, dress and learn well, what else do we care about children? Although the child is small, he is also a man of flesh and thought. Communication, communication and understanding are equally important to him. However, how to communicate with children effectively? As a parent, what should we do?

Parent’s speech: one word awakens the dreamer. How to communicate with the child is worth thinking about by every parent.

Expert comment: like adults, children need to understand, talk and exchange ideas and feelings. The only child in the family is lack of peer company, adults are busy, often ignoring the loneliness of children. Parents may as well spare some time every day to play with their children, talk and laugh with each other, and exchange their inner feelings. In fact, it is not difficult to do this.

Conclusion: don’t let electronic products become baby’s “competitors”. Parents’ company is the best way to prevent children from watching TV! Baibai safety net’s knowledge about children’s home electric shock prevention is still being updated. Please lock in our relevant columns!