Nowadays, many moms respond that some babies are afraid of taking a bath. They cry when they touch the water, hold their fists tightly, curl up, sometimes make the water splash and don’t cooperate at all. However, moms are busy nearby and wet all over. What can we do to make babies fall in love with taking a bath? Let’s talk about how to make baby bath an interesting activity.

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Less than a year old star is particularly afraid of bathing. Every time adults want to bathe him, he will run to the corner to hide. After he was carried to the bathroom by his father, he was still crying and struggling to break away. That heartbreaking cry made his mother’s heart break. In fact, it’s tricky to make your baby fall in love with bathing. Now, let Baoma tell you how to make bathing more interesting:

1. Relax and enjoy

Most pediatricians think that a baby doesn’t need to take a bath every day, but a baby does need to be caressed and teased by mom and dad and other people who love him every day, and taking a bath is one of the opportunities. At the same time, it can also help children develop very important health habits. Bathing is a regular activity for everyone.

2. Make bathing fun

When you bathe your baby, play with him, laugh and call his name. Don’t be silent like washing a dirty bottle. You can let your baby sing and play games while taking a bath, and tell your baby how to take a bath. You need to check your baby after washing. When the baby grows up, he can put the shower gel on himself. When taking a bath, you can also lift the water on the baby’s face to amuse him, which also prepares him to learn the game later.

3. Make the baby completely comfortable

You can spread the towel on the edge of the bath, help the baby with one hand, make him face you, and bathe the baby with the other hand. Pay attention to bath water and room temperature. Wash your baby with non irritating soap, body wash and soft towel. Close the safety valve of the faucet to prevent the baby from turning it on. After taking the baby out of the bath, wrap him up with a large dry towel. Let the baby enjoy the bath time comfortably.

If you happen to be an office worker, make good use of the time to bathe your baby in the evening, which may be a good time to play and relax with your baby. If you want to know more about the health habits that children need to cultivate, please lock in the next continuous update of Baibai safety net!