Bathing your baby in winter is a big event, especially for babies under 2 years old. The mother is worried about her baby’s cold sickness when taking a bath, and the baby is very resistant to taking a bath. Don’t worry. Let’s see how mothers can bathe their babies!

Winter baby bath

We have collected some good ways to bathe our baby in winter. There are really many warm-hearted people to contact us and sum up their tricks. I hope they can help you.

Ms. sun

Ms. sun, the first to call, said she used to bathe her children in plastic bathrobes (available in supermarkets). Before taking a bath, hang up the bath cover, put the tub in the bath cover, pour hot water first, use hot gas to open the bath cover, then put cold water, after the water temperature is adjusted, you can take a bath for the child. After washing, it’s best to dry your hair in the shower cover, put on your underwear, and then wrap a towel to hold it out.

Wang Qing

My baby was born on December 19 last year. After leaving the hospital, I was just in time to cool down these days. I was very afraid that my baby would freeze in the bath. I listened to Yuesao’s advice and spent more than 200 yuan to buy a “little sun” electric heater.

My bathroom is relatively small. I usually put the “little sun” in the big gear for 10 minutes before my baby takes a bath. So the temperature will be high, and then turn it off (to prevent leakage in case of water) to drain hot water, so that the temperature will continue to maintain, so that the baby will not be cold in the bath. After taking a bath, turn on the “little sun” in the room. You can also touch the baby.

Ms. Zou

It’s better to wash the baby separately, first wash the head, wrap the body with a large towel, and then wash the body after the head is washed and dried, so it’s not easy to get cold. The bath water temperature should not be too high, 37-40 ℃ is OK, but the indoor temperature must be kept above 21 ℃. Put cold water first, then hot water for debugging. It’s better to use bath water temperature meter to measure the temperature accurately. Although it is not necessary to bathe the baby every day, the mother should make sure to wash the baby’s face, hands and buttocks every day.

Tips: after washing the baby’s trunk, don’t forget to clean the nose, earwax and care for the navel and other details. In addition, take a bath for your baby in winter. Don’t let your baby soak in water for a long time. Because the bubble time is too long, the skin is easy to dehydrate, which will aggravate the skin dryness.

One bath or soap a week is enough. Pay special attention not to give the child a bath, after removing the cuticle, the baby’s skin loses its protection, and it is prone to allergy and infection.

The sharing of the above mothers is summarized by taking a bath for the baby at ordinary times, which may be helpful to you. Of course, if you are interested in the common sense of children’s health habits, please go to our Baibai safety net to search!