The vast majority of homes are starting to use refrigerators. Some problems need to be paid attention to when storing things in refrigerators, and which foods can’t be put into refrigerators. Do you know that? Moms pay attention! Some things should not be put in the refrigerator!

There is a mess in the refrigerator. The food is piled up full. The raw and cooked food are placed side by side Don’t do that again, silly mummies! You know what? The placement of refrigerators will also affect the nutritional value of food. If you want your baby to eat the freshest and healthiest food, from now on, pretty mom will have to clean up her refrigerator.

4 points for mummy in refrigerator

I. The food in the refrigerator should not be too full: the food stored in the refrigerator should not be too crowded, and it is better to leave a certain space, so as to make the air in the refrigerator convection normally, so as to reduce the load of the unit. And too much food crowded together, but also very easy to lead to cross infection of food bacteria, leading to a variety of discomfort and diseases.

2. Meat food should be processed first: when buying some fish, pork, beef and other food, it is better to be able to carry out some corresponding processing before putting them into the refrigerator. Food such as fresh fish and meat should be packed in plastic bags first and then stored in the freezer. This can greatly reduce the spread of bacteria in the refrigerator.

3. Do not put raw and cooked food together: raw food and cooked food have different storage time and temperature requirements, and there are various parasites and bacteria in raw food, which will pollute cooked food when put together with cooked food.

4. Regular cleaning of refrigerators: refrigerators can help us keep food fresh, but they are also breeding grounds for various bacteria and viruses. Therefore, we must pay attention to regular cleaning of refrigerators at ordinary times to ensure the sanitation of refrigerators.

If it’s not suitable to store the ingredients in the refrigerator, it’s recommended to control the purchase quantity so as to avoid waste due to poor storage. If you are interested in how to prevent children from knocking at home, please go to this safety net to find relevant information.