In this winter when adults need courage to bathe, it’s even more difficult to bathe their babies. Many novice parents use up 18 kinds of martial arts, just to let the baby take a comfortable bath. Taking a bath for your baby is a college question. Mothers should pay attention to the fact that in some cases, your baby is not suitable for taking a bath.

1. When the baby’s skin is damaged, it is not suitable to bathe.

If the baby’s skin is scalded, boils and abscesses, it’s better not to take a bath. Because if you take a bath at this time, it is easy to spread the wound surface of the original wound, resulting in the wound is difficult to heal. If you have to wash it, mom must strengthen the protection of the wound.

2. It is not suitable for the baby with fever or just fever to take a bath.

If the hot baby takes a bath, it is likely to shiver or even convulse. Improper Bathing will close the pores of the skin and lead to a more serious fever. In this case, it will also cause blood capillary congestion in the whole body and lead to insufficient blood supply to the main organs. In the 48 hours after fever abatement, the baby’s body is still very weak. At this time, taking a bath is easy to infect the wind and cold, and fever again.

3. Do not take a bath immediately after the baby is fed.

It is better to take a bath 1-2 hours after feeding. If you take a bath immediately after feeding, the blood vessels in the epidermis are congested, so that the blood flowing into organs such as the abdominal cavity is reduced, affecting the digestion of the baby. What’s more, bathing immediately after feeding is easy to cause vomiting.

4. Do not bathe after vomiting and diarrhea.

Bathing baby is also a big action, vomiting diarrhea baby to be carried around not to say, undressing them is also a toss, will only make the baby’s condition worse.

5. The baby who is too light should take a bath carefully.

The so-called underweight refers to the weight of less than 2500 grams of baby, mostly premature. The immature development of this kind of baby leads to the poor function of body temperature regulation, so you should be careful when bathing this kind of baby.

There are many important things to keep in mind to make sure your baby is safe at all times. If you want to know more about the health habits that children need to cultivate, please lock in the next continuous update of Baibai safety net!