The healthy growth of the baby is our parents’ greatest wish, but the child will encounter all kinds of health hazards in daily life, which will threaten the baby’s health, and even cause fatal injuries. Then, mother must see: three major safety hazards to be paid attention to when caring for children? Let Baibai safety net have a look with you!

1. Hypoxia may affect the baby’s brain

Lack of oxygen in a baby can cause brain development to be affected. If a baby who is not able to sit alone sits on the L-shaped chair, it will cause the baby’s respiratory tract to be compressed, resulting in lack of oxygen due to breathing difficulties.

2. Sudden death of baby

This risk is more likely to occur in babies between 4 months and less than 1 year old. The American Academy of Pediatrics believes that too soft beds or too hot temperatures are one of the main reasons for the sudden death of babies.

3. Shaking the baby may cause brain damage

Strong swings can cause brain damage. Although there is no trauma, the damage may have occurred inside the baby’s brain, although it can’t be seen on the outside, and the baby didn’t have any special feeling at that time. But it may cause damage to the baby. Therefore, children’s appliances must be safe and reliable. For example, children’s carriages should not shake violently from front to back or left to right even on the way.

All kinds of accidents happen to the baby from time to time. I hope that parents should pay special attention to it in their daily life and increase their vigilance! Mom must see: three hidden dangers for children’s care this article reminds parents not to make some too dangerous behaviors, so as to avoid accidents. If you have any questions about the benefits of early childhood education and other knowledge about children’s safety education, please continue to pay attention to the safety knowledge column of early childhood safety education of Baibai safety net.