Modern medicine has found that during sleep, the baby will secrete certain growth hormone in the body, which will promote the baby to grow higher. However, the height of the baby with poor sleep is generally lower than that of the same age. So, the five mistakes of the mother affect the baby’s sleep, have you got the move? Let the small edition of Baibai safety net know about it with you!

In fact, mothers pay attention to their children’s sleep, but they make some mistakes inadvertently, which are very traditional. For this reason, let’s analyze specifically for mothers:

I. five kinds of mistakes mothers often make in developing their children’s sleeping habits

Fixing baby’s sleeping position

Xiaolu has just become a mother. Every time the baby falls asleep in her arms, she puts the baby down gently, then straightens his head, and holds it with a small pillow on both sides of the head. Xiaolu thinks that in this way, the baby will not cause head deflection or suffocation. The baby is very safe.

Analysis: in fact, Xiaolu made a big mistake. Whether the sleeping posture of the newborn is correct or not directly affects the growth and development and physical health. In order to help the newborn to swallow some water and mucus out of the birth canal, he should still take a low lying position within 24 hours after birth. Sleeping in the side position not only has no excessive pressure on the important organs, but also is conducive to muscle relaxation. In case of baby’s milk overflow, it will not choke into the trachea. In addition, because the cranial suture of the newborn is not completely closed, if the newborn always or often sleeps in one direction, it may cause skull deformation. For example, if you lie on your back for a long time, your child’s head will be flat, and if you lie on your side for a long time, your child’s head will be crooked, which will affect the appearance and appearance of your baby. If you don’t take care of your baby properly, it’s too late to correct it when you grow up.

Correct way: often turn over for the baby, this time sleeping on the left side, next time we will lie flat, next time on the right side, so as to make the baby’s head shape grow well. After taking milk, pay attention to lying on one’s side and not lying on one’s back, so as to avoid choking on the trachea due to spitting milk. When lying on your left and right sides, be careful not to press the auricle forward, or it will be easily folded and deformed. Do not suffocate your baby while lying on your stomach.

Let the baby fall asleep with a nipple

When Sasha was a few months old, she often fell asleep with her mother’s milk. Her mother didn’t care much. Sasha has formed a habit of drinking milk every time she goes to bed. Now salsa is 2 years old. Every night, she sleeps with a bottle in her arms. She often eats and sleeps with milk in her mouth.

Analysis: newborn babies sleep when they are sucking, which is easy to cause milk to enter the trachea by mistake and form bad sucking habits. If the baby is sleeping with milk, the food is easy to ferment in the mouth, corrode the teeth and form cavities.

Correct way: a few months of baby eat a few mouthfuls fall asleep often happen, at this time mother can gently twist the baby’s ears with her hand, let the baby continue to eat, until full. If the baby is disturbed and does not wake up, put the baby to sleep first, and then feed it when the baby wakes up and has the requirement to eat milk. At the same time, the mother should master the sleeping rules of the baby and not feed the baby when he wants to sleep. In addition, the baby with teeth can drink milk before going to bed, but after drinking milk, it needs to drink some water to rinse mouth and protect the baby’s baby teeth. If the baby develops the habit of sleeping when drinking milk, the mother must correct it, such as changing milk into water.

Let sleeping baby get up to pee

A Xia loves to be clean. She is always afraid of Wei Wei’s bed wetting at night. Every few hours, she picks up Wei Wei who is sleeping and urinates. Wei Wei still hasn’t woken up. A Xia changes her way to wake Wei Wei up. Wei Wei sometimes doesn’t urinate at all. A Xia just slaps her hands on Wei Wei’s ass and makes Wei wail.

Analysis: the baby’s bladder capacity is very small, the night generally to urinate two or three times, but wake up the baby at night, is not conducive to the baby’s sleep. Wake up the baby, baby crying uneasy, it takes a long time to fall asleep again. When the baby’s urinary system develops to a certain extent, it can naturally control itself at night. When the baby is two or three years old and urinates at night, some of them already know how to call people, some of them will wake up naturally when they have the intention of urinating, and they don’t need to wake up the baby at all.

Right way: don’t let your baby drink too much water before he goes to bed. If the baby sleeps restlessly at night, tossing and turning, it may be that the baby has urine, which can gently wake up the baby and make urine for the baby. You can also lay a piece of plastic wadding on the bottom of the baby’s bed sheet. Once you wet the bed, you can protect the mattress from urine pollution. If the baby does not want to, do not force the baby to urinate.

Let the baby sleep late with himself

Ah Hui is a person who likes nightlife. With her baby, she is no exception. Ah Hui often goes shopping with her baby. Even at home, ah Hui also likes to sleep late, which makes her baby develop the habit of sleeping at 12 o’clock in the evening and starting at 10 o’clock in the morning.

Analysis: baby’s height is not only related to heredity, nutrition and exercise, but also related to the secretion of growth hormone. Growth hormone is a protein secreted by human hypothalamus, which can promote the growth and development of skeleton, muscle, connective tissue and viscera. Growth hormone secretion is too little, is likely to cause short stature. The secretion of growth hormone has its specific rhythm, that is, people can produce growth hormone after sleeping, and gradually enter the peak after sleeping for an hour, generally from 22:00 to 1:00 in the morning. If you sleep too late, the height of your baby will be affected.

Right way: for the healthy growth of the baby, the mother should let the baby form a good habit, that is, the baby should sleep no more than 21 hours at the latest, generally 20 hours before the most appropriate sleep. In this way, we will not miss the peak of growth hormone secretion.

Scare your baby to sleep

Qiangqiang has been lying down for more than 1 hour, but he hasn’t fallen asleep yet. His mother is very worried. In order to let Qiangqiang fall asleep as soon as possible, her mother said, “close your eyes and go to sleep. If you don’t sleep, the wolf will come!” I was so scared that I closed my eyes and didn’t dare to make a sound.

Analysis: if you often frighten your baby with such terrible things as big gray wolf, tiger, monster, ghost, etc., it will strongly stimulate your baby’s nervous system, so that he can’t sleep at all, or sleep uneasily. When babies are threatened, they often have nightmares in their sleep. Sometimes they even cry and wake up in their dreams. In this way, their sleep quality is greatly reduced, and even their fear of animals, lightning and darkness is caused.

The right way: there is always a reason why babies can’t sleep. Do they sleep more in the daytime? Is it too exciting? After careful analysis of the causes, then correct, do not force the baby to sleep blindly, not to use the method of intimidation.

2. Comfortable sleeping supplies are the important conditions for baby to sleep well

Little bed

The safety and comfort of small bed are directly related to the growth of baby. The height of the guardrail around the bed should be about 60 cm, and the gap between the guardrails should not be more than 6 cm. It is better to have one side of the guardrail that is movable to facilitate the mother to lift the baby. When the baby can climb out of the guardrail, it needs to change a bigger bed or adjust the size of the bed.

The newborn baby can sleep in the baby cradle. After 3 months, it is necessary to consider the bone development of the baby, try to let the baby sleep in a small wooden bed with proper hardness. The spring bed with moderate hardness can also be used as the selection object. The size of the mattress should be approximately the same as the size of the bed so that the baby’s arms, legs or head do not fall into the edge of the gap.


Small quilt is an important item for baby to keep warm. The quilt cover should be made of 100% pure cotton fabric to protect baby’s soft skin, which can provide a warm and comfortable sleeping space for baby. Because the temperature control of newborn is not very mature, we must pay special attention to keeping warm.

If you think the baby is wet and sweaty, you can reduce the quilt cover. At the same time, we should also pay attention to keeping the bedding clean, airing at least twice a week, and removing and washing at least twice to four times a month; the thickness should be changed in time with the change of seasons and indoor temperature.


Baby’s pajamas are best made of soft cotton. The newly bought clothes and articles should be washed with water and worn again. Baby sleep to choose a slightly loose fat pajamas. Because babies need to change diapers frequently, it is best to wear clothes that are easy to change diapers when sleeping.

In addition, parents should pay attention not to wrap the baby up to sleep. This method is very unscientific, which not only makes the baby feel uncomfortable, fidgety and restless, but also may affect the growth and development of the baby. Sometimes the mother thinks that she wears too much for her baby, but her baby’s hands are still cool. It may be that the clothes are too tight, which affects the blood circulation.

Therefore, in order not to let the baby grow backward at the peak of growth and development, mothers must pay attention to the baby’s sleep. If you have any questions about the benefits of early childhood education and other knowledge about children’s safety education, please continue to pay attention to the safety knowledge column of early childhood safety education of Baibai safety net.