We carefully observed that most of the children who like watching TV don’t like to go out to play. Jue likes to stay at home and watch TV and doesn’t want to communicate with children, so many parents would ask if this is really good? Mothers have different opinions on whether children should watch TV or not!

Same mother:

I’ve been following this topic. There are 21 months at home, so I have a lot of confusion about it. I want to find a right way to deal with it. At first, I think it’s no harm to have a moderate look. But after watching the analysis of more and more friends and the discussion of some colleagues around me, I firmly support the idea that children should not watch TV.

In the age when I can control my son’s behavior, and the age when I must be absolutely responsible for his behavior, I will do everything I can to prevent him from watching TV. When he grows up and has the ability of self-control and resolution, he should think about how to look properly, but if possible, he should try to look less. Indeed, there are more and better ways to acquire knowledge and broaden our horizons. I’ll let my son listen to the radio now, such as sister Ju Ping’s story telling and qiaohu’s.

Of course, there are also parents who say that their children’s moderate TV watching does not bring any harm to their children. On the contrary, there are many benefits. They also advise people not to be convinced under the authority. And I’ve been obsessed with the age and degree of watching TV. I don’t agree with that. Friends just tell you a fact: “what are the dangers and disadvantages of watching TV?” I hope you will pay more attention to this issue and really protect our children when we can protect them.

There is no doubt about the harm of watching TV. Just like the harm of smoking, although some people smoking does not make him sick, on the contrary, he may live happily and contentedly because of smoking. Because smoking may relieve people’s stress and release bad mood, but will we let our children smoke moderately? I believe that all parents will take a negative attitude towards this. The harm of TV is not the problem of degree. Degree is the ability of individual parents to grasp and eliminate part of the harm to a certain extent, but the harm is inevitable, which does not need to be refuted. We can’t deny the harm because some parents or children don’t seem to be harmed. We hope that we can give a good consideration to the problem that deeply affects the healthy growth of children. In a world full of bad information about children, we should try our best to keep a pure sky for our children.

Inch heart field:

Because of the children’s study, during this period of time, I strictly prohibit children from watching TV and playing computer.

Under my ban, my son began to do nothing on Saturday. He was thinking about what to do, because the original life mode of watching TV was broken. I don’t care about him. I only do my business. Soon, he made a beautiful wind chime by hand. After that, he wandered around again. I peeped at him. He took the chess and set the chess manual. He was very serious. It was not easy to wait for his brother to finish his interest class. He invited him to play very friendly. The two played very hard. I found that my son could endure and tolerate the difference between his brother and him, could understand humility and cooperation, and was reluctant to part when he broke up, which was the effect that I had told him countless times before.

I will recall carefully that on Sunday, in addition to his interest class, he spent his time at home either playing computer or watching TV. He always focused on himself. His younger brother came here on Sunday to play. They sat and watched TV together. Sometimes there was a dispute about choosing TV programs. They spent too much time in front of the TV. Adults and children watched TV programs. Even 3-year-old children watched cartoons I watched it with great enthusiasm and accepted everything in the computer unilaterally. Sometimes I will ask him what you have learned, and he can’t answer, just pass the time. Especially in summer and winter vacation, because parents have to go to work, grandparents also stay quiet, watching TV and computer time has increased unabated, the shortcomings of the only child are especially obvious in him, especially when dealing with children do not know how to be humble and tolerant, a person is very headstrong. I was obviously aware of his shortcomings. At one time, I was moved by reason and emotion. Sometimes I was very clear

Chu Di pointed out his shortcomings. Most of the discord with his brother was caused by him. Although he accepted my criticism at that time, I knew that he didn’t learn a lesson at all, and sometimes things that were not related to his brother were also angry with him. I knew that there must be something wrong with him, but I couldn’t find the reason. Today, I found out by accident that it was solved away from TV and computer, because he yearned for friends in free and boring time. If he didn’t know how to get along well with friends and cooperate with them, he would face loneliness, so he would use his brain to cooperate and tolerate each other. I’ve come to understand that sometimes it’s really necessary for children to be alone and far away from these high-tech products that make them lazy to use their brains. Only by making their brains work can they really develop their potential in all aspects.


In fact, I have always opposed children watching TV. Once our family shut down TV for a year. But after moving to a new home, my wife began to watch TV again. I still think that whether it’s for adults or children, not watching TV is more beneficial than harmful. Without TV, the family can often play meaningful games together to enhance their feelings. But these are not in front of the TV. We just sit in front of the TV passively, often in silence.

When the child comes back from kindergarten, as long as there is TV, she will not do anything else. But when there is no TV before, she will choose to draw or play games with her grandmother, or make her own crafts. When we go home, she will show us her works. I feel like this is the life a child needs.

So after reading the article of friend children, I discussed with my wife that when children are at home, they should resolutely not watch TV and spend their limited time doing the most meaningful things. We can’t take the place of children’s growth, but we can definitely provide a favorable environment for her growth and keep her away from harm.

Baby in the palm:

I once wrote about watching TV. My choice at that time was to let my child watch TV after the age of 2. Now I think it is necessary for him to watch TV after the age of 10.

It’s true that TV is not only bad, but I think the disadvantages of watching TV outweigh the advantages, mainly the bad effects on children’s growth and development. In addition, I don’t think there is any harm in not watching TV. Children who don’t watch TV have more time to play and develop new game projects.

If you don’t talk about children, you talk about yourself. I have been working for a long time. When I am bored, I watch TV. Watching TV has become a compulsory course in my life. In this way, my good youth time has gone. Later, there was a time when the TV broke down, and I had to rely on reading to pass the boring time, only to find that reading was so good, so full.

So I’m very supportive of not letting children watch TV.

High rise fish Watching:

When my son watched TV for a few months, we were very happy. We were also surprised that such a small person could not speak or even understand what others said. It was amazing that he could have such a response to images. Later, I thought that the children liked it better. I bought some CDs or downloaded many stories from the Internet for the children to see. The children were always very devoted and focused. I don’t know there are many dangers in letting children watch more TV.

Later, in the process of telling stories to children, or when adults talk to them, they gradually find that children’s concentration time is very short. Moreover, after reading the articles of friends, the children are consciously restricted from watching TV. At first, the children are somewhat dependent on it, and then gradually they are replaced by other activities. In the past, we kept urging him to eat, often with his mouth full, and stopped watching TV. Later, I will eat with a small spoon, and I have a comment on the delicious food. After dinner, I can play for a while and go to bed obediently. I think since my son stopped watching TV, his life is more regular than before.

These are different opinions of mothers on whether children should watch TV or not. If you have different opinions, please share them with us! If you want to know something about children’s home anti electric shock knowledge, this website has a lot of relevant knowledge for you to find, hope to help you oh