Modern people’s life has become more and more inseparable from television, but also because of this reason, caused a lot of parents’ controversy. They are all arguing about whether they should watch TV for their children. This paper takes a look at the mothers’ Questionnaire: about whether they should watch TV for their children, it shows three major concerns.

More than 1000 mothers participated in the questionnaire, showing three major concerns——

Mother’s biggest worry – baby’s eyesight

More than 80% of mothers are most worried about the content of TV, not that TV will affect their baby’s social language ability, but the baby’s vision! “Watching too much TV will damage your baby’s eyes!” From this point of view, what they worry about is actually that the baby sits in front of the TV for too long, rather than rejecting the influence of TV programs on the baby. So more than 66% of mothers choose a time limit of less than 30 minutes. Half of mothers and babies have had conflicts because of watching TV. Maybe time is also the main conflict!

Baby’s favorite — cartoon and advertisement

More than half of the babies like to watch cartoons most, while the number of advertising films ranks second with nearly 27% of the votes. The TV programs with strong movement, fast changing pictures and bright colors can attract children’s attention.

Mom uses more — let the baby see

70% of mothers often let their babies watch TV by themselves instead of accompanying them. Maybe, in the half hour of watching TV, mom can free up her hands to do a lot of things. However, TV is not equal to babysitter, although it’s OK to do it once in a while, but it can’t be all!

A survey of baby watching TV

Baby’s age

Total votes: 1282

·45.87% under 2 years old

·36.11% aged 2-4

·18.02% over 5 years old

Do you often watch TV for your baby?

Total votes: 1270

It’s 67.95%.

No. 32.05%

How long does it take?

Total votes: 1274

·33.05% within 20 minutes

·33.83% within half an hour

·No more than 1 hour 33.12%

Do you often watch with your baby?

Total votes: 1273

It’s 70.54%.

No. 29.46%

What kind of TV does your baby like best?

Total votes: 1271

·Advertising 26.67%

·Cartoon 58.07%

·Song and dance 13.77%

·TV series 1.49%

Will you give your baby a general idea of what to watch and discuss with him after watching TV?

Total votes: 1263

Meeting 35.87%

·Not 64.13%

Do you let your baby watch TV programs more or show him all kinds of CDs?

Total votes: 1253

·Watching TV programs 67.36%

·32.64% on CD

Do you usually let your baby watch adult TV with you?

Total votes: 1259

Let 35.90%

·No 64.10%

What is your biggest worry about watching TV for your baby?

Total votes: 1267

·The influence of bad TV content on baby 8.92%

·Does the baby’s eyes look bad 83.11%

·Will watching TV affect the baby’s language and communication ability 7.97%

The purpose of watching TV for your baby

Total votes: 1260

·Let him be quiet for a while 21.90%

·Good TV is 34.13% needed for baby’s growth

·He likes watching, so let it be 43.97%

Have you ever had a conflict with your baby because of the time and content of TV?

Total votes: 1253

There are 50.12%

·No 49.88%

Should children watch TV? How much TV is suitable? This is a problem that has been troubling young parents. When parents are very busy, it is a good choice to put their children in front of the TV. Colorful TV programs can let your baby stay in peace for an hour or two without worrying about what they will do. Parents can take this opportunity to do their own things. But will it do harm to children? Such problems perplex many parents, making them unconsciously produce a sense of guilt in their hearts.

Such concerns are not superfluous. According to relevant data, children under two years old need to interact with people in order to develop brain health, but TV can not meet this demand. For children over two years old, excessive watching TV can lead to obesity and can not play learning potential. Violent content in TV makes children aggressive, and advertising content makes children spend more. In addition, some researchers found that children who watched TV between the ages of one and three were more likely to experience inattention problems than those who did not watch TV during that period by the age of seven. Because when children watch TV, they can’t do other things that may be more beneficial to them, such as playing football, drawing pictures, building houses with blocks, or even just sitting there daydreaming.

But after all, we can’t completely isolate TV from children. As one mother of two said, “my children watch TV for two or three hours a day. I want them to watch less TV, and I want to have time and energy to do other things with my children. But I want to wash clothes, cook and feed the children, so when I have something to do, the TV can help.” Because of this, it is more and more important to deal with the relationship between children and TV.

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