We all know that as long as the household appliances that use electricity, there will be more or less radiation, such as the computer television electromagnetic stove and so on. However, if these household appliances are used normally, they will not cause harm to the human body or affect the fetus. So can pregnant women use hair dryer?

Use hair dryer to be careful of defects

It is learned from Foshan maternal and child health care hospital that about 180 of every 10000 babies born in the hospital in the past six years suffer from various birth defects.

Monitoring data shows that the proportion of defective children in Foshan is still on the rise. At present, medical and health institutions with obstetrics at or above the district level in Foshan have carried out birth defect monitoring in succession. Relevant personnel call on pregnant women to change their ideas, actively carry out pre pregnancy diagnosis and prevent birth defects.

Recently, a woman gave birth to a defective child in Foshan maternal and child health hospital. The reporter learned that the maternal prenatal examination showed that the fetal prevalence rate is a high risk, the doctor suggested that the maternal diagnosis, but the maternal family refused.

“Many mothers or their families do not pay attention to prenatal examination, which leads to the birth of many defective newborns.” Guo, vice president of Foshan maternal and child health hospital, said that neonatal defects can be prevented as long as the pre marital physical examination, pre pregnancy physical examination, mid pregnancy physical examination and postpartum screening are strictly controlled.

Doctors pointed out that in order to avoid birth defects caused by the external environment during pregnancy, pregnant women should avoid X-rays, indiscriminate medication, use of hair dryer and so on three months before pregnancy. Doctors said that many people know that radiation from computers and mobile phones will harm the fetus, but they don’t know that when the hair dryer is started, it will also generate electromagnetic waves, which will cause radiation, leading to birth defects.

For pregnant women, any mistake will affect the baby. It’s understandable that everyone is worried about the risk of hairdryer to the baby. But if you don’t dry your hair, you will lose more if you catch a cold. So it’s better not to use hairdryer. Baibai safety net’s knowledge about preventing electric shock at home for children is constantly updated. Please lock our relevant columns!