Bathing is no doubt a common thing for baopa and Baoma, but is the baby’s skin so tender that it looks like an adult’s bathing? Can baby take a cold bath in hot summer?

Don’t take a cold bath when it’s hot

Choosing 37-39 degree water to bathe the baby can expand the sweat glands and blood vessels of the baby’s skin, and also help the skin to get rid of dirt. Warm water bath and hot water bath can remove skin dirt, relax muscles, and relieve heat.

But in summer, you should avoid bathing your baby with water temperature above 40 ℃. If the water temperature is too high, the expansion of capillaries and sweat glands of the baby’s whole body will be too obvious, which will cause the baby to sweat too much, and even collapse.

It is not allowed to let the baby take a cold bath. At that time, when the baby’s skin contacts with cold water, it will feel cool. However, cold water will shrink the capillaries and sweat glands of the whole skin, prevent the heat emission in the body, which is not conducive to cleaning the dirt on the skin, but also to the heat emission in the body. As a result, it feels warmer after the cold bath.

Five parts of the baby’s dirtiest

Baby’s little butt

Baby’s little butt is the most dirty place that needs cleaning. Some parents often forget to change diapers when using them, especially when using diapers. They think it’s OK to use them for a long time as long as they have good water absorption, but diaper rash often happens to these babies, so they must change diapers frequently. When the weather is hot, after bathing, let your baby’s buttocks dry naturally for a while. Don’t wrap them up immediately and apply skin care products to prevent red buttocks.

oral cavity

It’s very important to keep your baby’s mouth clean. When bathing the baby, the baby’s mouth can be cleaned together. When cleaning the mouth of the younger baby, the mother can spray the baby’s special oral cleaner in the baby’s mouth, and use the silica gel fingertip toothbrush or gauze to clean it. To reply to “protecting teeth” via wechat of Lama college, you can check the relevant content of cleaning baby’s mouth.


There are often babies with a layer of yellowish brown, scale like dirt on their scalp. Some parents will try their best to pick them out. In fact, it is very dangerous to do so, and it is easy for babies to get infected. The right way is to soften the baby’s head with vegetable oil for 1-2 hours, and the scale will fall off naturally, and then wash the baby’s hair with the baby’s shampoo.


The baby’s eye care needs to be very careful. The foreign matters in the baby’s eyes can be washed gently with water or wiped off with a disinfectant cotton swab. If it is difficult, it’s better to find a doctor to deal with it so as to avoid hurting the baby.


When bathing the baby, try to avoid the water flowing into the outer ear canal. If it doesn’t flow in, you can turn the baby’s head to one side, which is conducive to the outflow of water. Also, gently wipe off the water with a cotton swab, but don’t insert the cotton swab into the outer ear canal. When you have a cold, you should also be careful whether your child has ear discomfort, secretion outflow or special smell. If a child is always scratching his ears, he should be careful of the possibility of otitis media.

In a word, the final part of the editor is to say that no matter how hot the day is, please don’t take cold baths for your baby’s health. If you have any questions about children’s home-based knowledge such as what health habits they need to cultivate, please continue to pay attention to the personal health and safety knowledge column of Baibai safety net.