In spring and summer, it’s also the season of playing with water. It’s also a necessary lesson for parents to bathe their children every day. Children play all over the body every day sweat, take a bath, clean and heat, especially for fat babies, but also away from prickly heat, especially important. And for the novice parents, the baby has to do enough to prepare for the bath!

How should novice parents bathe their babies?

When bathing your baby for the first time, it is easy to hurt your baby if you haven’t studied or prepared well before. Therefore, before bathing the baby, first adjust the mind, let the baby enjoy the pleasure of bathing with a happy mood, let the short bathing time every day become a good time for close interaction between mother and child.

When bathing a baby, it’s best for parents to participate in the washing together, one to help at the side. Remember to remove the ring or watch from your hand to avoid hurting your baby. Close the doors and windows of the bathroom, open the exhaust fan, keep the temperature of the bathroom at about 25 ℃, and keep the water temperature between 38 ℃ and 40 ℃. Prepare the baby’s bath towels, bathtubs, shampoos, body lotions, body lotions, small bath towels, large bath towels, cotton sticks, diapers and underwear, and avoid wet and slippery floors.

Now that you’re ready to take a bath for your baby!

1. Take off the baby’s clothes, clamp the baby with his left arm and body, hold the head with his left hand, press the auricle forward from the back of the ear with his left thumb and middle finger, and cover the two ear holes to prevent water from entering the ear.

2. Dip the small towel with water, clean the eyes with two corners respectively, wipe gently from the inside to the outside, clean the face on one side of the towel, and clean two ears with the other two corners respectively.

3. Put a little shampoo into your hands, massage your baby’s head, then wash it with water and dry it with a small towel.

4, let the baby’s head pillow on the left arm, head up later, wet the upper body with water, drop a little shower gel on the towel, clean the neck, chest, armpit, abdomen, arms and palms respectively, then rinse the foam with water. Drop a little bath gel on the small towel to wash the buttocks, clean the groin and perineum of the baby, then let the baby lie on the right arm, grasp the left arm of the baby with the left hand, and clean the back, buttocks, legs and feet. When cleaning, pay attention to the skin wrinkles should be cleaned.

5. Rinse the baby’s whole body with clear water, dry it with a small bath towel, wrap it with a large bath towel, put treasure on the table, put talcum powder on it, take care not to throw too much, and then clean the navel hole with a cotton swab dipped in 75% alcohol to prevent infection.

In addition, when bathing your baby, you should also pay attention to the following points:

1. It is better to take a bath after defecation and before feeding. The bath time should not be too long, preferably within 10 minutes, during which you can speak gently with your baby. If you bathe after feeding, your baby may overflow and not be able to digest.

2. Hold the baby’s head with the palm when bathing to prevent accidents.

3. If your baby doesn’t sleep well, take a bath before going to bed at night, and your baby’s sleep will be more stable.

4. The light in the bathroom should not be too bright, but soft.

Finally, it is suggested that parents put cold water first, then slowly heat the water, adjust the water temperature, and then carry the children into the bathroom. Safety is the most important! If you are interested in children’s health habits, please go to this safety net for relevant information.