Baby bath, seemingly simple, is a very exquisite thing in essence. If the family is a female baby, do you know how to wash the baby’s small butt? What are the preparations for bathing your baby? Summer is coming, how about bathing your baby frequently? The answer may not be as good as you think. One minute, teach you to bathe your baby.

How to bathe your baby

The room temperature should be adjusted to 24-28 ℃ when bathing the newborn. If the room temperature can not reach, the bath curtain can be used to surround to ensure the temperature. Before taking a bath, you should prepare the appliances, including bathtub, small towel, bath towel, changed clothes, diapers, etc. Pour in the bath water, use the back of your hand or elbow to test the water temperature, 38-40 ℃. Bathe the newborn, focusing on the face, neck, buttocks and wrinkles of the skin. Do not use soap for newborns, just use water. The newborn’s skin exposed to the air will make him feel cold, so the mother’s movements should be fast.

Before the umbilical cord of the newborn doesn’t fall off, you can’t put it into the water to bathe so as not to wet it. You can wash the upper and lower body separately, first wrap the lower body of the newborn, and then use the left elbow and waist to clamp the baby’s small butt, left palm and left arm to hold the baby’s head, so that you can start washing.

The first process of cleaning can clean the face, block the ear canal of the newborn with the left thumb and middle finger respectively, and use a small towel to dip water. Gently wipe the baby’s cheek, eyes from the inside out, and then from the center of the brow to both sides of the forehead. When washing ears, gently wipe the auricle and the back of the ears with a towel wrapped in your fingers. Do not probe too deep into the nostrils and ear canal for cleaning. Wipe your face clean and you can wash your hair. When you wash your hair, rub the shampoo on your hand, and then gently rub it on the newborn’s head. Sometimes there will be a scaly plaque on the baby’s head. Don’t pick it with your fingernails, it will fall off automatically. After washing the head, wash the neck, armpit, chest, back, arms and hands respectively. Because these parts are very delicate and easy to be eroded, the cleaning action should be light.

After washing the upper body, wrap it with a bath towel, then lean the head of the newborn against the left elbow socket, and hold the left thigh of the newborn with the left hand to wash the buttocks, thigh roots, calves and feet of the lower body. Pay attention to clean the wrinkles of the skin. After washing, dry the water with a bath towel. Move quickly. Use talcum powder to spread evenly on the wrinkles of the skin and rub the navel with iodine. Finally, put on the clean clothes for the baby, wrap it with diapers, and the whole process is over.

When you start to bathe your baby, you should ask your husband or family to help you, because you will be in a hurry if you are not proficient.

From now on, for the sake of baby’s health, we need to go out of the wrong way and learn the knowledge of bathing baby together. If you want to know more about what health habits children need to cultivate, please lock in the next continuous update of the safety net!