Many people think that when a baby watches TV or cartoon, he or she can’t turn his eyes and move, so that he or she can develop his or her ability to focus. However, some experts find that over watching TV may delay his or her life.

Over watching TV may delay a child’s life

Recently, a study from the University of Montreal showed that for children born 29 months or so, as long as they watch TV for one hour more than the maximum of two hours, it may damage their vocabulary and arithmetic ability, easily distract themselves in class, even be bullied by classmates and become violent.

“This study is the first to find a relationship between children’s TV viewing time and practical skills, psychological disorders,” said Professor Pagani of the University of Montreal, Canada. “The results show that parents should raise their awareness and limit their children’s time to less than 2 hours a day. The American Academy of Pediatrics also advises parents not to allow children to watch TV for more than 2 hours, No This study is one of the supporting evidences

991 girls and 1006 boys from Quebec participated in the study. Using 72 minutes as a unit time, the researchers found that children who watched two or three units did worse than those who watched one unit time.

“Early childhood behavior will affect their growth process, and the behavior habits and psychological quality developed in this stage may be implemented for life,” so parents should pay attention to cultivating good habits from childhood, and limiting the time of watching TV may be one of the effective ways.

It turns out that children’s TV watching behavior is not very good, which has a great impact on children. I hope that parents can take this as a warning, and don’t let children watch TV in their arms. If you have any questions about children’s home-based knowledge such as electric shock prevention, please continue to pay attention to Baibai safety net children’s electric shock prevention common sense column.