Symptoms and harm of children’s cold in summer

In the hot summer, many people are thinking about how to prevent heatstroke to avoid heatstroke. However, according to the statistics of the hospital, there are more children in pediatrics clinics in major hospitals recently, and most of them are caused by colds. Let’s learn about the symptoms and hazards of children’s colds in summer? […]

Prevention of asthma requires reduction of indoor pollution

In winter, the air is dry and cold, and children’s respiratory tract is easy to be stimulated, which induces asthma attack, resulting in panting, chest tightness, suffocation, shortness of breath and other symptoms. There are also some children, although usually in good mental state, but one night will appear a long cough, or after the […]

Can mosquito repellent incense induce asthma in 3-year-old babies

Yesterday, an article about “a plate of mosquito repellent incense causes asthma for three-year-old babies” was widely spread on Weibo and wechat, and many mothers were very worried: “I didn’t expect that mosquito repellent incense could also cause asthma for children, so we should pay attention to it this summer.” Yesterday, the reporter of Modern […]

What are the hazards of infant allergy

In real life, many newborn babies will have allergies, such as milk allergy, some kind of food allergy, some kind of diaper allergy and so on. It’s painful to watch your baby suffer from allergies. It’s really painful and anxious to be a mother. As the saying goes, it’s better to prevent than cure. What’s […]

How to use flower dew correctly in summer

Toilet water is a perfume product made from flower oil as the main spice and alcohol. The main efficacy of flower dew is decontamination, sterilization, anti heat, antipruritic, and it is also a good summer sanitary product to eliminate sweat. Let’s see what’s the right way to use flower dew in summer? 1. When you […]