It’s useless for children to drink ginger soup

It’s spring, the climate is not stable, it’s the high incidence period of cold. The hospital pediatrics is full of people coming to see a doctor because of cold. As long as parents know some common sense of cold, scientifically choose drugs and properly care for it, the cold will soon pass, but it’s useless […]

What is myasthenia gravis in children

Myasthenia gravis (mg) is a kind of autoimmune disease caused by the transmission dysfunction of nerve muscle joint. The main clinical manifestations are partial or systemic skeletal muscle weakness and easy fatigue. After activity, the symptoms increase, and after rest, the symptoms decrease. The prevalence rate was 77 to 150/100 million, and the annual incidence […]

How to prevent and treat asthma effectively

Bronchial asthma is a kind of recurrent disease. Children are restless and have difficulty breathing (especially breathing). When children have asthma, they often can’t lie on their back and sit up and shrug. The child’s face was pale, his nose flapped, and his lips and nails were blue and purple due to lack of oxygen. […]

How to clean baby’s navel

Many Baoma have encountered similar problems. When we were little, we often heard that our parents said that we could not pick the navel. But looking at the baby’s navel, we were worried about the problem for a long time. So should we clean the navel? Now let’s learn how to clean the baby’s navel? […]

Common questions about cold in winter

It’s cold in winter, so babies are more likely to catch cold. Parents always have many questions about children’s common cold. Let’s take a look at the common questions about winter cold? 1. Why is it easier for babies to catch cold after kindergarten? Some parents find that babies seldom catch a cold before they […]

Which inducements are most likely to induce asthma

Which inducements are most likely to induce asthma? Over the years, the prevalence of asthma has increased significantly: 1.09% in 1990, 1.97% in 2000 and 3.02% in 2010. Experts remind that we should pay attention to the three inducements of asthma in our life. According to Shen Kunling, chairman of pediatric branch of Chinese medicine, […]

How to protect children with mental illness

How can parents protect their children from mental illness? It is a general consensus that all parents want to protect their children, especially those with special needs. Some of their parents do better than others in their preparation, and they will protect their children from emotional, professional and spiritual aspects. However, we also found that […]

How to vaccinate the polysaccharide vaccine of cerebrospinal fluid correctly

Meningococcal polysaccharide vaccine is the abbreviation of group A epidemic cerebrospinal meningitis polysaccharide vaccine, which can prevent epidemic cerebrospinal meningitis. The protection rate can reach 86% ~ 92% after vaccination, and can be maintained for about 3 years. Let’s learn how to vaccinate correctly? Meningeal meningitis is an acute respiratory infectious disease prevalent in winter […]