Important link of baby care: how to bathe

Now parents have developed the habit of bathing every day for their children, but the frequency of bathing is closely related to the season. When the temperature rises in spring and summer, infants are more likely to sweat. The sebaceous glands of infants are not mature. Bathing every day will make the epidermis more and […]

Face computer or TV to eat, a careless easy to get fat!

When we eat working meals in the company, we usually have lunch on our own desk facing the computer. If you measure the weight of lunch by the time you eat, you will surely feel that you have finished taking out before you can taste it. In some families, the dining table becomes a “sundry […]

Perfect and comfortable baby room

When decorating children’s rooms, many owners will choose wallpaper with rich patterns to decorate the walls. However, due to the poor physical resistance of children, children’s room wallpaper should be green and safe as far as possible, which can ensure the safety of children to the greatest extent. So how to arrange the children’s room? […]