The most troublesome time in winter is bathing your baby. Especially for some new mothers, when their babies spend the first winter, every time they take a bath, they are in a hurry. The water temperature is not well controlled, and the baby’s resistance is not good. It’s common for them to have a cold, catch a cold and hang a bottle. So, what are the ways to pay attention to baby bathing in winter?

1. Turn on the bath master and heater before bathing.

When bathing, turn on the electric heating oil heater, which is the first choice for mothers in winter. It is safe and can heat the baby’s clothes and underwear.

2. Drain water.

Best to take a shower directly from the top of the bath, the whole bathroom will have very warm water vapor.

3. Wash your baby’s hair.

When washing your hair, you should keep your baby warm. Don’t take off your underwear or wrap your body with a big towel. After shampooing, wrap the baby with “sheep’s horn head”. Then wash the body, immerse the baby’s body in the water. If the water is cold, heat the water in time. Before heating the water, hold the baby away from the water injection area to avoid scalding.

4. The bath time shall not exceed 10 minutes.

After washing, quickly wrap the baby’s whole body with a large bath towel and absorb water.

5. Wear warm clothes in advance.

When wearing clothes, the naked body should be protected with a large bath towel.

Remind, winter, bath frequency should not be frequent. Once a week. Wash best at noon when the temperature is the highest! If you want to know more about children’s health habits, you can go to Baibai safety net to search!