Studies have shown that if someone in the living room watches TV, children’s desire to watch TV will increase 1-2 times. It’s not hard to explain why some parents watch TV in the living room and their children secretly watch it through the door. Today, Xiaobian will talk with you about the focus of parents: can babies watch TV?

There are adverse effects on the baby:

*It is not conducive to the development of the baby’s vision. The baby’s eyes are still developing, and the vision is not yet fully developed. The continuous flickering of TV light points will cause damage to the baby’s eyes.

*Often watch TV, the rapid conversion of TV picture will affect the baby’s attention, time will make it difficult for the child to focus on something.

*Watching TV often can affect your baby’s language ability. The baby is in the critical period of language learning. He needs to constantly look at his mother’s mouth shape, listen to his mother’s voice, and then constantly imitate it. Only in this way can he make a dental voice and learn to speak. But children’s language is slowly developed in daily life and play, and TV can not give children the object of imitation, children can’t see the mouth shape and hear the voice, so often watching TV will affect the development of language in critical period, also affect the interest of children in exploring the surrounding environment, affect the development of other abilities.

*Watching TV for a long time is bound to affect the time when parents and babies play together, reduce the time for early education, and have a negative impact on the physical and mental development of children.

However, TV is not absolutely impossible to watch. Most babies like watching TV, because the TV picture is bright and beautiful, fast changing, strong visual impact, which can be said to be “colorful”, to meet the characteristics of babies like new and changeable things. “When babies are staring at TV with their eyes wide open, they are actually getting to know the world, rather than idling around,” US researchers say So parents can let the baby watch TV for a while, but the time can’t be too long, it’s better to control it in about 2-10 minutes.

As the philosopher said, not watching TV can make children and family members no longer rely on passive entertainment activities, but learn to creatively and actively develop their interests through reading, writing and talking with people, as human beings have done for thousands of years. So we’d better not let children watch TV. If you want to know more about children’s home electric shock prevention knowledge, this website has a lot of relevant knowledge for you to find, hope to help you