Environmental protection has puzzled all owners, especially children’s living environment. Children’s room decoration has to be prevented. Every parent’s love for their children is infinite. I hope their children can grow up safely and healthily. In this process, children’s growth environment is the first. Therefore, parents must read: how to decorate children’s rooms to be healthier?

Healthy decoration of children’s room is fundamental

1. The height of desk and chair should be adjustable. At present, only a few families in our country buy adjustable desks and chairs for children. Most of the families use adult desks and chairs, or take dining tables, tea tables and chairs as desks. This is extremely harmful to children’s health in the process of growth and development. It is the main cause of children’s spinal curvature, “including chest”, myopia and other symptoms.

2. The light, shade and angle of lamps shall be adjustable. It is very important for children’s eyesight to choose lamps and light sources correctly, for example, incandescent lamps and yellow fluorescent lamps close to natural light are better than silver fluorescent lamps, lamps with adjustable brightness are better than lamps without adjustable brightness, and lamps with adjustable height and angle are better than lamps without adjustable brightness.

3. Choose hard mattress. It should be noted that children’s mattresses should be designed into a hard structure, or simply use a hard board and quilts, because in the process of children’s development, the use of too soft spring mattresses too early will cause children’s spine deformation; at the same time, it is recommended not to use a 50 to 100 mm thick sponge pad, or children’s sweat and urine will accumulate in the sponge pad and cannot be volatilized, resulting in children’s prone to prickly heat Sore, in humid air areas, long-term use can also cause rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatic heart disease. In addition, bed sheets and bedding should also be made of natural materials.

4. The decoration should be simple but not complicated. Children’s room decoration should be simple and bright, and the larger the activity space, the better. In order to improve the air convection, some green plants should be added in the room.

5. Be sure to choose non-toxic paint. Pay attention to the selection of dust-free, non-toxic interior wall paint and furniture paint, and try to eliminate or reduce the harmful smell of paint and wood-based panel in furniture production and decoration. It is suggested to move in one month after the completion of decoration.

More attention should be paid to the decoration of children’s room, which can not only improve children’s growth, but also affect children’s health. Please pay attention to the decoration of children’s room. You have to prevent it. If you have any questions about what kind of children’s protective fence is good and other knowledge about children’s home, please continue to pay attention to the safety knowledge column of children’s protective fence of Baibai safety net.