Nowadays, it has become a very common phenomenon to use mobile phones, readers or tablets to read e-books. Not only adults, but also many children like to read children’s books on tablets. However, the editor reminds parents to read: is it good or bad for children to read e-books?

market research

All kinds of electronic textbooks attract people’s attention

Reporters in bookstores, department stores and the counter of major supermarkets saw that various brands of student computers, point pens, point readers, learning machines have now become a self-contained system, most of the stores have set up special areas, the price also varies from hundreds of yuan to thousands of yuan.

“I recently heard that online courses can also be purchased, and children can log in on their own computers with their user names and passwords, which can not only reduce the hard work of grandparents to pick up children, but also help children go home to study after school, without having to catch up with all kinds of ‘classes’.” Ms. Jin’s daughter is 10 years old. “In addition to reading, children now have a lot of e-books, and even online and offline software to learn. In addition, the appearance of those e-learning products are more cartoon, so children are very interested.”

Parental views

Case 1

Pro: these tools work

“Our baby likes to watch qiaohu since childhood. When he was 2 years old, he was just excited. When he was older, he liked to talk and learned a lot of civilized and polite things.” Ms. Wang’s daughter is 4 years old this year. “We are busy with our own work. Usually, grandma has to do housework with her children. This disc saves us a lot of things.”

However, qiaohu uses a DVD player to connect to the TV to play, “we usually limit her to 10-15 minutes at a time.”

Case two

Correct pronunciation with point pen

“Our family has long bought a point reader that is synchronized with the textbook. If the children can’t use it, they can use it. In fact, what really works is English.” Yuanyuan’s mother introduced that Yuanyuan, a sophomore, learned a lot of pronunciation of English words through reading pen, and could also do some test questions. Most importantly, the pronunciation of some words should not be afraid of the nonstandard teaching by parents.

“Even if we have some pens, we will take her to the library to borrow books on time, and then borrow them after reading.”

Case three

Help children expand their knowledge

“Talk about the universe, talk about the ancient times. Now there are many ways for children to learn. They can learn a lot in advance by surfing the Internet and using learning machines.” “Jun Jun’s grandfather, Mr. Zhang, said,” Jun Jun has been very curious since he was young. His parents taught him to search his curious knowledge through the Internet, so his knowledge is very wide. “

“Jun Jun’s habit was formed when he was young. Since he began to learn to write, he began to learn to type in pinyin. Sometimes he read books on the Internet and looked for some popular science knowledge when he was free.” Mr. Zhang said, “today’s children love to ask why, we old people often can’t answer, but the Internet is much more convenient.”

Opposite party: children tend to form bad habits

Case 1

Children love learning and playing

“Some learning machines have learning content, but there are also some cartoon stories or games, the intention is to let children have fun, but this makes my children develop the habit of learning while playing.” “This kind of habit sometimes manifests itself in procrastination when doing homework, grinding while writing, and not loving to read quietly with a book, which gives us a headache,” Ms. Zhao said

Case two

It’s used too much, and vision drops

“Our family is a pair of twins. They usually like watching TV. In order to help them learn, I also bought a tablet computer. Who knows that the two children have no restraint in playing games and their eyesight has declined to 0.5 one after another.” “In order to improve children’s eyesight, I have to ask them to go out and play with children. They are not allowed to watch TV and play with computers,” Mr. Xue said

Case three

Children forget to write

“Our children are good at reading and reading, but they often write wrong words. Once, I watched her write by heart. She recited it very skillfully. Then I couldn’t figure out how to write a word for half a day. ” Ms. Liu’s daughter is 12 years old. “In the past, we couldn’t write words in the dictionary. Sometimes, she would learn from adults, check them on the computer or type them on her mobile phone. It’s not nice to write, which makes me worry and educate her.”

Hot topics

The reason why computers will not replace books

First, not everything has reason to be replaced because of high-level substitutes. The sewing machine is an example. The electric sewing machine is fast and fast, and the pocket sewing machine is easy to use. But has the original sewing thread of human been replaced? No, the threads and sewing machines in the hands of a loving mother will live in a modern society peacefully.

Second, it is technically impossible. Computer has its new limitations, which is the infamous computer virus. Computer viruses can’t be prevented. The so-called “one meter high, one meter high”. Will computer viruses disappear when computers replace books?

Third, it is not feasible to replace books with computers. If it can be said that something will be replaced because of convenience, then quartz watch is more convenient and accurate than mechanical watch, plus good quality and low price, can mechanical watch be replaced? Today, the vitality of the mechanical watch has doubled, and the market price is rising steadily. It can be seen that only from the word “convenient” is impossible to push out the necessity of replacement.

In a word, parents should know that although the content of e-books is the same as that of paper books, students should still focus on paper books, and e-books can only be used as an auxiliary. Baibai safety net’s knowledge about children’s home electric shock prevention is still being updated. Please lock in our relevant columns!