Many parents don’t pay much attention to watching TV for their children! In fact, how much harm does TV do to children? You can’t imagine it! Especially now many parents like to let their children watch TV passively, which may cause sleep problems. What’s the matter?

Children who watch TV passively are prone to sleep problems

The results show that: watching TV, especially watching adult TV programs such as current affairs news, will significantly increase the probability of children aged 5-6 suffering from sleep problems; putting children in front of TV will make them have to watch TV passively, and will also increase children’s sleep problems.

In addition, there is a significant correlation between different TV programs and the severity of children’s sleep problems. Children who watch more adult programs (such as current affairs news, TV series, police and bandit films and movies) show more frequent symptoms of various sleep problems.

In particular, excessive passive (more than 2.1 hours a day) watching TV can lead to serious sleep disorders in children. Moreover, the harm caused by passive TV watching is completely independent of the general factors such as social and economic conditions, family income and father’s working hours. On the contrary, children’s active time of watching TV and watching children’s TV programs are not related to the occurrence of sleep problems.

High quality sleep is very important for children’s healthy growth. Therefore, reducing children’s passive watching time to reduce their opportunities to watch adult programs can help solve children’s various sleep problems, so as to improve their mental state during daytime activities. Therefore, psychologists suggest that parents should pay attention to adjust their time of watching TV, and pay attention to the selected TV programs, so as to reduce children’s passive watching.

Therefore, this article will remind parents to watch TV passively, which is prone to sleep problems. For the sake of baby’s health, please turn off the TV in advance in the evening to ensure sleep. If you want to know more about electric shock prevention for children at home, please continue to pay attention to the recent update of Baibai safety net.