With the rapid development of e-commerce, stationery category is breaking the past “acclimatization” to the Internet, and online sales are also rising all the way. This has something to do with parents choosing electronic stationery for their children. And will this help children to keep up with the Joneses and hinder their growth?

Child: out without electronic stationery

Since the beginning of school, the sales of various stationery in the shopping malls have been hot, especially the electronic stationery with high price: the point reading machine with hundreds of Yuan attracts the students in the lower grade of primary school; the students in the higher grade turn to the advanced MP4 and MP5; of course, there are not a few primary and secondary school students aiming at iPad and computer. “If you don’t have one or two electronic stationery, you will be laughed at as” out “by your classmates.” Feifei, a sophomore, said that from primary school to now, he has used four or five repeaters and two electronic dictionaries. Recently, he is pestering his father to buy an iPad. “To learn English well, there should be no less repeaters, MP4 and electronic dictionaries.” Qing’er, a senior high school student, said that students in the class use electronic dictionaries to look up words and MP5 to listen to English. “However, many people use the learning machine and MP5 to read novels more than to study.”

Parents: I’m afraid that poor people will raise seaweed in the future

“When my daughter said that tablet computers helped her learn English, I bit my teeth and bought her an iPad.” Ms. Chen said that she would like her daughter to turn over reference books such as English Chinese dictionary and modern Chinese dictionary frequently, but her daughter never does, which is too slow. What’s more depressing for Ms. Chen is that after she bought the iPad, her daughter just played games and didn’t use it in study.

For parents, to buy electronic stationery for their children, in addition to learning needs, they are more afraid to let their children lose face. “I’m afraid that children will rely on the convenient services provided by electronic stationery, and even more afraid that they will use games to affect their learning. However, if others have him or not, it will make him lose face in the class. “

However, parents are also worried about children’s psychology of comparison. Ms. Wang said that her daughter began to compare since junior high school. “When I saw that other people’s mobile phones are fast to access the Internet, I also had to change my mobile phones. I was shouting to buy an iPhone a few days ago. Personally, I don’t think it’s good to keep up with the Joneses, but after watching “dwelling in a snail”, I feel that my daughter needs to be rich and raised. I’m afraid that the poor will raise a seaweed in the future, so I’m quite ambivalent. I don’t know what to do. “

Discussion: learning only needs a bad pen

My daughter has a point reader in the first grade and a repeater in the second grade. Now my MP5 has been expropriated. It’s said that I’m tired of studying and watching videos easily. ——- white poplar

Most electronic stationery is expensive. Learning, as long as a bad pen on the line. Today’s computers, for children, 90% are for entertainment.

——- guoguoma

Too many electronic stationery will affect children’s learning, and also promote the psychology of comparison. My daughter plays PSP. After the game is cleared, she uses it to watch the video. Of course, she occasionally uses PSP to watch videos of open university courses such as Yale. ——- yuanyuanma

To be honest, I think the popularity of electronic stationery is closely related to teachers’ praise. Now many teachers can’t move to let children go to the Internet to look up information and hand in printed homework. How can they do without electronic stationery? ——- lazy sheep

Expert: turn comparison into goal

Psychological experts say that it’s a normal phenomenon for children to keep up with each other. Parents can’t suppress them all the time. If they guide them well, they can also promote them.

Children with better self-control will feel that “I want to study hard and achieve my goals through hard work” when they see that others have it and they don’t have it. It is this kind of comparison that stimulates and motivates children to constantly strive to achieve their goals.

If the child is not very progressive and likes to compare with others, parents may try to say: “according to our current ability, we can’t give you what you want, we hope you can achieve it through your own efforts.” Parents should turn comparison into a goal for their children to strive for, so that they will set goals for themselves, what they hope to have in the future, what height they want to reach, etc. as long as their children have goals, they will not always envy others.

Some parents always like to prevent their children from buying this and that, fearing that it will affect their children’s learning. In fact, if a child has a need for a certain electronic product, it is the need for learning, rather than the need for comparison. Parents can still meet their children’s needs. Everyone likes advanced things. They are fast and convenient.

Finally, we remind parents not to let their children use electronic stationery as a “chip” to compete! Parents should not only give their children, but also let them understand why they give. They should tell their children: “you should work as hard as we do, so you can give your children such a rich material life in the future.” If you want to know more about children’s home electric shock prevention knowledge, this website has a lot of relevant knowledge for you to find, hope to help you!