Summer is coming, the weather is getting hotter and hotter. Most parents begin to bathe their baby at home. Many parents think it’s easy to bathe their baby. It is not known that if the baby’s bath method is not correct or some details are ignored, it may have adverse effects on the baby’s health and growth. Let’s talk about parents’ notice: Baby summer bath “trilogy”.

In summer, the baby loves to take a bath. There are three steps for the baby to take a bath:

There is no lack of preparation before bathing

Although the baby is young, but the skin will also secrete sweat and dirt, plus contact with the outside dust and bacteria, if not cleaned in time, not only is not conducive to the metabolism of baby cells, but also brings the risk of disease to the baby. But bathing your baby is a very challenging thing. What needs to be prepared before you really start to wash it?

All kinds of tools need to be prepared

To bathe your baby, you should prepare all kinds of things in advance, such as bathtub, small towel, bath towel, diaper, shower gel, shampoo, changed clothes, talcum powder and so on. At the same time, parents also need to check whether their fingernails are too long, so as not to accidentally scratch the baby.

Adjust the appropriate temperature

First of all, pay attention to the room temperature and water temperature to bathe your baby. Neither can you let your baby freeze, nor can you scald your baby’s delicate skin. Generally speaking, the room temperature is 26-28 ℃, and the water temperature is 37-42 ℃. Mothers can use some waterproof thermometers to measure. When bathing, it is best to close the doors and windows to avoid the rapid loss of temperature.

Bathing a baby is not like an adult. There are many aspects that need attention. Let’s learn about them together:

When bathing the baby, first of all, pay attention to prepare all articles before bathing, such as towels, diapers, comfortable clothes, baby powder, baby shower gel, bathtub, cold and hot water, etc., and check your hands to see if your fingernails have been manicured, so as to avoid scratching the baby’s delicate skin when bathing. After bathing, it is also necessary to carefully dry the water on the baby’s body, especially the wrinkled areas, such as ears, neck, armpit, navel, external genitalia, between fingers and toes, so as to prevent the baby’s skin from festering and inflammation caused by residual water vapor. The best way is to use natural herbal corn starch talcum powder to keep your baby dry.

When baby bathes, do not use adult shower gel. Because the high alkaline formula of adult care products will destroy the natural oil layer on baby’s skin. At the same time, the baby’s skin is quite sensitive, it is easy to produce allergic reactions to the chemically synthesized active interface agents, flavors, spices and so on, affecting the skin health. Infant health care experts suggest that when choosing baby cleaning products, it is best to choose natural baby flower extracts such as marigold, golden chamomile, lavender, and no tears formula, no fragrance baby shower gel, so as not to burden the baby’s delicate skin. For example, bayatt baby two in one natural shampoo and bath gel from Australian brand is the best choice for parents.

After taking a bath, parents should pay attention to how to touch the baby so that she can sleep comfortably. The smaller the baby, the more tired the parents will feel, but the growth of the child makes the parents happier. The common sense about what health habits children need to cultivate is still in the process of updating. Please continue to pay attention to this website!