Independence is very important for children. Many parents also realize this. They started to cultivate children’s independence from childhood, so they decorated a children’s room early. For young children, a free living room space is related to their healthy growth, and the decoration design of the room should take into account the safety and practicality. Let’s introduce the notice to parents: where to start the design of children’s room?

How to design children’s room?

1. security

Due to the lack of self-protection awareness of children, safety has become the first factor to be considered in the design of children’s room. In the design of children’s room, we must protect children’s safety from details and avoid the occurrence of accidental injuries. When choosing furniture, the corners and handles of furniture should be free of edges and sharp edges; the corners of tables and chairs should also be smooth and obtuse. It’s better not to use large area glass and mirror indoors. In addition, the power supply in children’s room is better to choose the socket with socket cover.

2. environmental protection

At present, all kinds of interior decoration materials on the market contain more or less harmful substances. Although some materials contain less harmful substances, they are very harmful to growing children. Therefore, when choosing room decoration materials for children, natural materials should be selected as much as possible, and the fewer the processing procedures, the better. When choosing paint, children’s special paint should also be selected, so as to greatly reduce indoor pollutants.

3. continuity

As children grow older, they have different needs for furniture. Therefore, a set of furniture should be able to accompany the growth of children and meet the needs of children of different ages. Parents can continue the function of children’s room through the replacement of furniture accessories. For example, for younger children, bed furniture and curtains can choose cartoon patterns, and the interior can choose light green, pink and other elegant colors; for older children, the accessories and layout of the room can be appropriately changed according to their personality.

4. autonomy

Finally, children’s room should be designed from the perspective of children. When the parents decorate the children’s room, they should fully consider the particularity of the children and their own ideas. From appearance modeling to color matching, the house should meet the needs of children’s psychological and physical growth, pursue the personalized design concept, and let the kid be the master. The soft packing low furniture stands by the side, and the small house also comes out of the exquisite children’s house.

1. The children’s room is different from the adult’s bedroom. In addition to providing a rest space, there must be a play area. Therefore, small family should try to put the furniture against the wall, and combine the furniture that can be combined together, such as setting a desk and a locker under the bed. At present, many furniture stores in China have combined children’s furniture, which can be used for children’s sleep, study and storage, covering an area of less than 4 square meters, and is very suitable for small family.

2. Because the child is short, the furniture of a smaller size can meet the physical and psychological needs of the child. And small furniture can also make the space of children’s room larger and expand the visual effect of the room. In addition, parents can also make the ceiling of children’s room look like blue sky, white clouds or stars, making the room appear higher, giving children a broad and broad feeling.

3. The so-called home soft decoration refers to the selection of furniture that is easy to move, highly combined and easy to adjust at any time. Children’s room design is best not to use a lot of hard decoration and fixed furniture, but should use soft decoration to decorate the room as much as possible. Furniture is the main purchase can move the combination of furniture, which can save a lot of space. Moreover, with the growth of children’s age, the renewal cost of soft decoration is much cheaper than that of hard decoration. Changing the position of furniture often can keep children fresh.

&In the process of growing up, children always worry about their parents. No matter what stage, safety always comes first, so parents are trying to create a safe and relaxed environment for their children’s growth, so that their children can grow up healthily and happily. If you have any questions about what kind of children’s protective fence is good and other knowledge about children’s home, please continue to pay attention to the safety knowledge column of children’s protective fence of Baibai safety net.