When it comes to bathing your baby, most mothers think it’s OK to just wash it, but for your baby, bathing is not just about cleaning. When the baby takes a bath, he wants to play with bubbles and massage his mother. So what are the benefits of baby bathing?

Parents question: how strong is the power of bathing?

For many, bath time is one of the most enjoyable times to spend with your baby. They think that bathing can not only help the baby clean the skin, but also promote the intimate relationship with the baby. Especially every time I see my baby’s sweet smile when I bathe and babble with you, I feel my heart is going to sprout. The survey also shows that 71% of Chinese parents feel closer to their children after bathing them. However, if parents think that bathing is just to clean and increase intimacy, it’s a little overqualified, because bathing also has the super power to make babies smarter!

After the baby is born, the five senses of hearing, vision, taste, touch and smell provide a lot of information from the outside world for the baby. It is under the stimulation of these information that the baby’s brain development begins to improve. The seemingly small bath can stimulate the development of the baby’s senses and brain from various angles, making the baby more intelligent.

Bathing helps baby develop sense of smell

Smell is the only sense directly connected to the brain. Compared with the memory stimulated by other senses, pleasant and familiar fragrance can improve the baby’s mood and alertness. The memory stimulated by smell will also make the baby more impressive, and make the baby more impressed with the bathing process, so as to exercise the baby’s memory. Studies have shown that compared to infants who use tasteless products, infants who use scented bath products to bathe:

■ 30% more intimacy with parents after bathing

■ bedtime crying reduced by nearly a quarter.

■ increased deep sleep by 30%

Bathing helps the baby develop tactile sensation

The skin is the external nervous system of the human body and comes from the same embryonic layer as the brain. It is found that the touch and massage of parents or infants on a regular basis is of great significance to the development of infants’ growth and development, communication and learning ability.

After a baby is born, if the mother immediately contacts with her skin for 25-120 minutes, it can have a positive impact on the interaction between the mother and the child one year later. According to an article published in a leading American magazine, infants who received regular touch and massage were compared with those who did not:

■ 50% increase in the probability of eye contact with others

■ three times more likely to express positive emotions (smiles, eye contact).

Therefore, in the bath, through the touch and massage of mom and Dad, the baby can get a sense of satisfaction and comfort, and produce a feeling of being loved and safe. At the same time, it can also improve the baby’s cognitive ability, vigilance and attention.

It is the expectation of every parent that the baby is healthy and intelligent, and bathing plays an important role in it. Bathing can not only close the relationship between parents and children, but also make the baby healthy and intelligent. So baby bath benefits a lot. If you want to know more about children’s health habits, you can go to Baibai safety net to search!