Many children like to bathe, especially children who love to play with water. When they play and wash, their mother says they can spend more than an hour on their children’s bath. Bathing is certainly not a bad thing. It can clean the skin, promote blood circulation and speed up metabolism, which is very good for the child’s body! But bathing also depends on the timing.

Parents should be alert to the six situations that children are not suitable for bathing

Situation 1: just finished feeding

Do not bathe the baby immediately after feeding it. If you take a bath immediately, the hot water stimulates the expanded epidermal blood vessels, which will cause more blood to flow to the blood vessels and reduce the blood supply to the abdominal cavity, which will be very detrimental to the digestive function of the child. In addition, the baby just finished milk, the stomach is in the state of expansion, take a bath immediately, it is very simple to cause the child to vomit. It is suggested that the baby should be bathed 1-2 hours after feeding.

● case 2: just finished injection

It is necessary for infants and young children to be vaccinated regularly. Parents should pay attention to the protection of children’s vaccinated minimally invasive parts of the clean. If the micro trauma site is exposed to unclean water, it may cause redness, swelling and even inflammation of the vaccination site. Therefore, don’t bathe the child immediately after vaccination, or the infected vaccination site will show redness and swelling reaction, which is caused by what reason.

● situation 3: when the child spits milk frequently

When the child frequently spits milk to bathe the child, must move the child, will cause the vomiting to aggravate, if does not pay attention, may also cause the child to mistakenly suck the vomiting. Therefore, for the sake of children’s health, under the condition of children’s frequent vomiting, Mommy should not take a bath for the children first.

● situation 4: when the child’s skin is damaged

The baby’s skin is tender. If there are burns, pustules, boils, trauma and other hazards, some of the skin will have wounds. At this time, it is not suitable to bathe the baby, because bathing may cause the spread of the damaged skin wounds or be infected by sewage. In addition, bathing when the child’s skin is damaged, coupled with unclean water, will only aggravate the damage to the child’s skin and cause a series of unnecessary complications in the pit.

● case 5: take a bath carefully when the child is low in weight

If the newborn’s weight is less than 2.5kg, it will be attributed to low birth weight. Most of these children are premature. Due to the immature development, low living ability, thin subcutaneous fat, poor function of regulating body temperature, the body temperature is easily shaken by the change of ambient temperature. Due to the special condition of the child, it is necessary to take a bath carefully.

● condition 6: within 48 hours of fever or fever regression

It is not recommended that mommy bathe the children who are in fever or whose fever has been returned for less than 48 hours. If the child is still in a hot bath, it is easy to show shivering, and may have severe consequences of convulsion. In addition, improper bathing may cause the pores of the child’s skin to close, which may cause the temperature to rise and the condition to be more severe. It may also cause the pores of the child’s skin to expand blood vessels and lack of blood supply to the main organs of the body.

However, the resistance of children after fever is still very poor. It is very simple to take a bath before 48 hours to infect the wind cold, which again causes fever and may aggravate the fever condition. Therefore, it is suggested that mommy should take a bath for the children 48 hours after the fever subsides.

Many mothers may not care about the time, place and other situations when they bathe their babies. In fact, babies cannot bathe in six situations. The common sense about what health habits children need to cultivate is still in the process of updating. Please continue to pay attention to this website!