Smart and independent big children suddenly become timid and dependent little ones. Don’t worry, it’s because he’s going into a “behavioral regression period.”. Then, parents should give their children enough love and security. So that the child can grow up again. Let the small edition of Baibai safety net know about it with you!

I need a sense of security

For most children, the sudden return to childhood behavior indicates that they are suffering from growing up. In their hearts, life is full of frustrations. They can’t adapt to the changes in life. They are afraid of the responsibilities they will take when they grow up. Therefore, children choose to return to the behavior state when they are younger to escape from reality and relieve the inner pressure. At this time, what children need most is a guarantee from their parents: parents will still take care of them, and they can still rely on their parents.

What about mom and dad

Parents can take some small measures to help their children build up their confidence and let them believe that they have the ability to face the reality and no longer need to escape.

Step 1: face it calmly

In the face of children’s changes, if parents panic, it will also affect children’s mood, making children more insecure. The first thing parents have to do is to face the situation calmly, and let the children feel that they can still rely on their parents. Don’t respond with impatience and reprimand when the child is eager to become a baby. Treat him with patience and tolerance.

Step 2: proper decompression

If the child is worried that the appearance of other small babies will make him lose his position at home, then parents should avoid always reminding him that “you are a big child”. When he doesn’t have the independent desire to grow up, forcing him to grow up blindly will set him back and frustrate his self-confidence. Don’t treat him as a big child first. You can recall the story of childhood together with your child, so that the child can understand that he won’t lose everyone’s favor.

Step3: nice to grow up

Once children learn the benefits of growing up, they are no longer afraid to grow up. For example, compare the difference between a baby and a big one: the baby can only lie in the crib and can’t play by himself; the baby can’t eat ice cream and McDonald’s; the baby can’t watch TV. The older children can choose their own clothes, go shopping with their parents to buy their favorite toys, watch cartoons and so on. Children will make their own choices, or grow up.

Step 4: rebuild self-confidence

When a child’s behavior regresses, parents can help the child to some extent, but they also need to avoid all embracing. There are some small ways to help children rebuild their self-confidence. For example, when a child asks his mother to help him to put on clothes, his mother may propose to work with him in a division of work. The child shall wear one trouser leg and the mother shall wear one. When a child asks his father to help him go to the toilet, his father can suggest that if the child goes to the toilet himself, his father can play games with him.

Most of the time, children don’t really lose these behaviors, they just want to get help from their parents. Therefore, parents give their children more encouragement and recognition, give their children more opportunities to exercise, and gradually let their children regain their self-confidence. Also, don’t forget to celebrate every little success for your child.

The child will grow up slowly, maybe he will appear regressive behavior from time to time, but with the understanding and help of his parents, with the growth of his body and wisdom, the child will eventually learn to stand on his own. If you have any questions about the benefits of early childhood education and other knowledge about children’s safety education, please continue to pay attention to the safety knowledge column of early childhood safety education of Baibai safety net.