Many novice parents are inexperienced. After cleaning their baby’s body in a hurry, they are at a loss when they find that the baby’s buttocks are red, eczema is growing on his face, or the baby’s nails are too long, scratching his face, etc. In fact, this kind of parents ignore the very important problem, that is, the care of the baby after bathing, which is not to say that they can finish the task after washing the baby and putting on clothes. Parents should also do a good job of care for the baby after bathing. So, how to care for the baby after bathing? Let’s get to know.

▎ how to bathe a baby

Step 1: parents first clean their hands, then gently scrub the baby’s eyes with a soft towel, from the inside to the outside of the corner of the eyes; then wipe the face (don’t rub it); then clean the ears, and finally gently wipe the nostrils, only clean the place you can see, instead of trying to wipe the inside.

Step 2: coordinate the left and right hands to hold the baby’s body. Wash your baby’s head first, wash your face first, then wash your head, then wash your whole body. When bathing, use your left arm to clamp your baby’s body and hold your baby’s head firmly to make your baby feel safe and comfortable. Use your index finger and thumb to gently cover your baby’s ears inward to prevent water from flowing into your baby’s ears.

Step 3: undress the baby, then gently put the baby into the prepared bath water.

Step 4: when cleaning the baby girl, never separate the labia of the baby girl to clean the inside, otherwise it will hinder the outflow of the slime which can kill bacteria, and it should be cleaned after going. This prevents bacteria from the anus from spreading to the vagina and causing infection.

When cleaning for a baby boy, never push the foreskin of the baby boy upward to clean the inside, which will tear or damage the foreskin.

Step 5: after washing, lift the baby out of the water, immediately put on a dry and soft bath towel, dry the water gently and carefully, pay special attention to the places with wrinkles, such as ears, neck, armpit, navel, external genitalia, and interphalangeal area.

Step 6: dry and put on the baby’s prepared clean clothes.

It is worth noting that if you bathe the newborn within 7 days, because the umbilical cord stump has not fallen off, you should take special care not to touch it when bathing. Wet bath, don’t worry, just dry with a clean cotton swab and apply 75% alcohol.

▎ how to care for the baby after bathing

1. Skin care

Apply moisturiser or oil to wrinkles, neck, armpit, elbow and groin. In dry winter, apply it all over the body. For babies with eczema, apply eczema cream to eczema, and then put on clothes to prevent them from catching cold.

2. Eye care

Massage around the baby’s eyes gently with your hand, which is conducive to the development of eye muscles and the unobstructed lacrimal sac tube; if the baby usually has more eye excrement, please ask the doctor to prescribe some eyedrops, and give the baby a drop after the bath to prevent conjunctival inflammation.

3. Ear, nose and mouth care

It is forbidden to let water flow into the baby’s ears, nose and mouth during bathing. Check whether there is secretion in the ear hole. If there is, remove it gently with a cotton swab and ask the otologist for a detailed examination. If there is a nasal scab in the nostril that affects breathing or sucking, dip a cotton swab in warm boiled water and wipe it gently. After the dry scab becomes soft, gently massage both sides of the nose wing, and the nasal scab will be discharged automatically.

4. Umbilical care

The umbilical cord will fall off naturally in 7-10 days. Before falling off, lift the umbilical cord stump and clean the root with 75% alcohol. After the umbilical cord falls off, there will be a little mucus or bloodstain, and 75% alcohol will be used for disinfection until it is dry. If the umbilical cord is handled improperly, it is easy to cause omphalitis.

The above is the common sense of post bath care for infants. Parents should remember that post bath care is no less important than the bath procedure! If you want to know more about children’s health habits, you can go to Baibai safety net to search!