Now, there is only one child in a family. The parents’ idea is that they would rather suffer than lose their children. Therefore, when decorating a new house, the children’s room often becomes the most important part of the money. However, children’s room decoration, parents should pay attention to the word “prevent”, so as to ensure the safety of the baby!

“Prevention” in children’s room decoration comes first

Most of the children are easy to move, running and jumping in the room is a common thing. If the corner of the table is sharp, it is particularly easy to cause injury. The fillet design is relatively smooth, which can reduce the impact damage. If the parents are not sure, they can also buy a kind of colloidal transparent anti-collision fillet pasted on the corner of the table and other positions, but the fillet is not very firm, and it needs to be checked regularly to see if it is loose.

Damper anti pinch is used for the damper of closet door and drawer door, which can make the cabinet door rebound slowly, so as to have time for the child to respond to the upcoming pinch danger, and pull the handle back in time, so as not to hurt his little finger due to the excessive force of closing the cabinet.

Many children’s furniture will be decorated with glittering aluminum edge to prevent cutting. However, most of the metal edges are sharp, and children’s skin is delicate. It is likely that their hands will be scratched when they touch them. Now, the design of aluminum edge of children’s furniture is gradually used less, and more of them use rubber edge. As for some metal supporting the frame, the sharp angle should be installed inward to minimize the possibility of children touching. Screws may also have sharp metal edges, which should be covered with special hardware fasteners.

The hardware and other accessories of children’s furniture should be made into large size to prevent children from swallowing. Of course, the firmness of small parts is also very important. If children can’t take them out, they won’t eat them by mistake.

Grasp the weight to prevent children’s furniture from being smashed. The weight should be especially heavy or light to prevent children from being smashed. If the design of furniture weight is unreasonable, children can lift the furniture, but they don’t have enough strength to maintain it for a certain period of time, which will cause the furniture to slide down and hurt their feet.

In a word, safety is one of the key points in the design of children’s room. As children are in a lively and curious stage, they are prone to accidents. When designing, they need to worry about everything. If you want to know more about what kind of children’s protective fence is, please lock the next continuous update of Baibai safety net!