It’s a small thing to bathe your baby, but if your mother is careless, simple things can make a tragedy. Here are some bad habits of bathing babies. Parents must pay attention to them!

1. After feeding

After feeding, you should not take a bath immediately, which will make more blood flow to the expanded epidermal blood vessels stimulated by hot water, while the abdominal blood supply will be relatively reduced, which will affect the digestive function of the baby. Secondly, because the baby’s stomach is dilated after feeding, taking a bath immediately is also easy to cause vomiting. Therefore, bathing should usually be carried out 1-2 hours after feeding.

2. Frequent vomiting

If you encounter frequent vomiting, do not bathe your baby temporarily. Because it is inevitable to move the baby when bathing, which will aggravate the vomiting and cause the vomit to be inhaled by mistake when not paying attention. For the sake of the health and safety of the baby, pay attention not to bathe the baby when the baby vomits frequently.

3. After injection

When babies are young, they need to be vaccinated regularly. At this time, adults need to pay attention to a micro wound on the vaccinated site. If the micro wound is exposed to unclean water, it may cause redness and swelling on the vaccinated site.

4. When the baby has skin damage

Do not bathe when the baby has skin damage. Such as pustules, boils, scalds, trauma, etc., it is not appropriate to take a bath at this time. Because the damaged part of the skin will have wound, bathing will make the wound spread or be polluted. And if the baby’s skin is damaged in the case of bathing, in case of unclean water, it will aggravate the damage of the baby’s skin.

5. Take a bath carefully for low weight children

Low birth weight babies usually refer to babies whose birth weight is less than 2500 grams. Most of these babies are premature. Due to immature development, low living ability, thin subcutaneous fat and poor thermoregulation, such special babies should carefully decide whether to bathe them.

In addition, do not take too long to bathe the baby, so as not to let the baby catch cold when the water temperature is low. If you want to know more about what health habits children need to cultivate, you can log in to Baibai safety net, more details are waiting for you