New decoration and new furniture are the main factors that cause indoor pollution, such as methylaldehyde and benzene series. Indoor pollution will have adverse effects on family health, especially on children’s health in growing period. &What harm does interior decoration do to children? Do you know?

Interior decoration is the most likely to damage children’s health

Interior decoration itself is to beautify the living environment, and to achieve comfort and comfort. If harmful gases exceed the standard, and can not be found in time, the first victims are children. I met a lot of healthy children, who fell ill within half a year or a few days after staying in the new house. Once there was a newborn born only ten days ago, full-term, weighing 3.8kg, with sufficient breast milk, healthy mother on weekdays, and no illness during pregnancy. As soon as the newborn arrives at the hospital, his face is pale. The doctor immediately goes with him to do the ECG, and if he finds any abnormality, he will be admitted to the hospital with myocarditis and arrhythmia. After more than ten days of treatment, the child recovered. The same thing happened twice when I went home. After careful inquiry, I learned that the mother and the son had just left the hospital. On the first day of returning home, the newborn was restless in sleep. I thought it was sleeping against sleep and didn’t care. Then I went to the hospital. According to the inquiry, the original residence is a new house just decorated for less than a month, surrounded by luxury building materials. There is an uncomfortable and choking smell in the room, which makes me feel nervous. The harmful chemical gases emitted by decoration materials are the culprit of newborn’s illness. Because the newborn is particularly sensitive to harmful gases and has poor tolerance. It poisons the newborn’s nerves and heart muscle, causing irregular heartbeat. Later, he left his new house to live in grandma’s house, and no more disease.

Another 4-year-old, less than half a year into the new house, first had poor food and bad appetite. Adults thought the new house was novel and playful. Later, they found that the child’s face was not good and a little pale. They went to the hospital to check the blood routine and immediately determined that it was acute leukemia.

There are also many skin allergies, rashes, urticaria, asthma cases occur from time to time, most of which are related to the newly decorated house. Pediatricians are more worried about the small life of the mother to be, such as abortion, premature delivery, appearance deformity, visceral deformity caused by decoration.

Therefore, we should pay attention to children’s health and keep away from home decoration pollution. If you want to learn more about what kind of good little knowledge children’s protective fence is online, you can go to Baibai safety net to check and read.