Summer vacation is coming. Children spend more time with their parents. They should make good use of it. Family is the first classroom of mental health education, and parents are the first teachers of children’s mental health education. In fact, a child is like a small tree. If he or she does not spend his or her energy on training and “grows crooked”, he or she may need to spend more energy on “strengthening” later. Let’s pay attention to children’s physical and mental health and give them a different summer vacation!

How to “recharge” children’s physical and mental health?

Keeping your mouth shut and sleeping well for a healthy summer vacation have become the primary arrangement of parents for their children’s summer life. In the second half of the year, Chen Yan, who is going to the second grade of primary school, is a good child who loves learning and has good grades. However, the child was originally petite, coupled with her first year of school life, which made her “short of flesh”. Chen Yan’s mother, Ms. Yan, is going to take advantage of this summer vacation to make up for her children’s health, including the missing diet, nutrition and sleep rest, so as to improve their physical quality. She looks up nutrition books and recipes, goes shopping in the hot sun every day, changes various cooking methods to enhance the appetite of children Since the holiday, Ms. Yan has set aside time for surfing the Internet, shopping, shopping and other pastimes, focusing on the children, eating nutritious meals at home with the children, sleeping with the children at more than 9:00 p.m., sleeping early, getting up early, eating and drinking regularly. “In this period of time, although it’s very hard and a lot of personal entertainment space is missing, it’s very gratifying to be able to take good care of the physical nutrition of children.” Ms. Yan’s words express the love of many parents for their children.

Summer vacation is a good time for students to eliminate mental fatigue and keep their energy up. However, if they lack correct guidance and scientific management, they are prone to summer syndrome, such as some students’ sudden weight gain, physical decline, mental depression, and even return to school with illness. There are many reasons for summer vacation syndrome. Improper diet, inconstancy in daily life, infatuation with TV and computer, etc. In life, such a negative teaching material is not uncommon. Ms. Zhang’s daughter has just finished her kindergarten life and is about to enter the school. “After primary school, children’s academic burden will be very heavy. Take advantage of this summer vacation, quickly relax and have a good time.” Ms. Zhang runs a cosmetics store. Due to her busy business, she has to take her children to the store and let them play computer games. Three meals a day will be served in the restaurant. She thinks it’s OK to indulge during the summer vacation. When the children go to school, the school teacher will take care of her naturally.

Experts remind that before the summer vacation, children should make a summer plan, pay attention to the orderly living, proper nutrition, and allocate time for study and entertainment. Parents should arrange more recreational and sports activities according to their children’s characteristics.

Some parents like to play online games, watch TV dramas online, and speculate on stocks online. During the summer vacation, children spend a relatively long time with their parents, and are easy to “catch” these bad habits. At this time, parents should be good role models. It’s better to work out a reasonable life and study plan with their children. They should not only arrange the study time, but also take into account the needs of play, so as to cultivate their children’s physical and mental health. Add parent-child activities, such as reading, traveling and sports with children. As soon as we had a holiday, our parents took Wen Wen to Qingdao for a holiday. “Because usually he has to go to school, we have to go to work and spend very little time with our children. During the summer vacation, we arrange an annual break, just in time to accompany our children to travel. During this trip, our family can enjoy the joy of family, which is more meaningful than any kind of training course. ” Wen Wen’s mother, Ms. ye, not only made time to arrange parent-child programs in summer, but also recently took Wen to the cinema to watch McDull.

Parents may wish to use the holiday to communicate with their children more, pay attention to mental health, and pay attention to their children’s orderly living, regular entertainment and proper learning, so that the holiday can really play a role of energy and vitality, and make their children grow up physically and mentally. If you want to know more about children’s home electric shock prevention, you can go to Baibai safety net to search!