The importance of children’s room decoration is self-evident. The most important thing in children’s room decoration is environmental protection, safety, pleasant color, soft lighting and so on. In the whole field of interior decoration, how to do the interior decoration of children’s room? This is the most concern of parents. Now let’s talk about five key points of children’s room decoration!

1. Give children a separate learning and playing space

The decoration and decoration methods of children’s room shall be determined by the age and gender of the children. The requirements for room functions of pre-school children and post-school children are different. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully grasp and tailor the room according to the differences of boys’ and girls’ preferences and living habits. The atmosphere of the bedroom shall be rendered and created differently.

2. Color selection according to gender

It is very important to choose and adjust the color of children’s room in order to cultivate the sentiment that boys are like men and girls are like ladies. Generally speaking, boys like cyan series (cyan, cyan, cyan) and girls like red series (red, purple, red, orange). Colorless, yellow series of colors are gender neutral, boys and girls can accept.

3. Children’s bed should have “elasticity”

Children are like bean sprouts with water. It’s wise to choose a long and adjustable bed. Double bed which can make full use of space is also a good choice. The lower layer is for children to sleep. The upper layer can be a place for children’s entertainment. Various toys can also be stacked here. It is also convenient for the elderly or nanny to take care of the children.

4. Reserve exhibition space

Preschool children like to doodle on the wall at will. They can hang a white board or cork board in their activity area, such as the wall, so that children can have a place where they can Doodle and post freely. This will not damage the overall space, but also stimulate the creativity of children. Children’s art works or handmade works can also be placed on the display board or by adding a laminate frame in a corner of the space, and one side of the balcony wall can be pasted with small smooth tiles, which can be painted repeatedly and easy to clean. It can not only make children enjoy themselves, but also save their mothers’ troubles.

5. convenience

It is not necessary to buy all the supplies at one time, but it can be added gradually according to the growth of children; it is convenient to use the design of classification and storage, because children’s things tend to be more, and they need to be collected in a more orderly manner, so as not to cause unnecessary harm to children in the room, and also let children learn to take care of their own things.

Conclusion: for the sake of children’s health and happiness, the decoration of children’s room needs more attention! If you want to know more about what kind of good knowledge of children’s protective fence, this website has a lot of relevant knowledge for you to find, hope to help you oh!