Children’s room decoration design is different from adult’s room, first of all, the functionality should be complete. Modern families pay more and more attention to children’s growth. Even though their children are still young, parents begin to plan ahead for their future educational life. It is the common choice of many parents to build a warm and delicate children’s room for their children. So how should we pay attention to safety and environmental protection in the decoration of children’s room?

Safety: building protection for children

According to the designer, the design of children’s room mainly considers five aspects: safety performance, material environmental protection, color matching, furniture selection and light.

Safety is one of the key points in the design of children’s room. Children are lively, inquisitive, destructive, lack of self-awareness and self-protection, so they should be more careful when arranging rooms.

In the design of room decoration, to avoid the occurrence of accidental injury, it is suggested that large area of glass and mirror should not be used indoors; edges and corners of furniture and handles should not be left with edges and sharp edges; there should not be any stumbling debris on the ground; power supply is the other aspect of children’s room safety to be considered, to ensure that children’s fingers can not be inserted, and it is best to choose with Socket with socket cover; the toy frame should not be too high, so it is better for children to take and place toys freely, and it should be placed stably, and the edges and corners should be decorated with cotton sleeves and other auxiliary decorations, so as to put an end to some unsafe factors.

Environmental protection: protecting children’s health

In the selection of decoration materials, the decoration of children’s room should choose the decoration materials with less processing procedures. Based on the principle of “pollution-free and easy to clean”, natural materials should be selected as far as possible, and the fewer processing procedures in the middle, the better.


In children’s activity world, the ground should be anti-wear, durable and other characteristics. Generally, it is recommended to use some of the most practical and economical composite floors. However, in spite of this, all these floor materials can not be more protective to the knee or wrestling and other accidents like carpets. If you want to have both, you need to lay a carpet on the solid, wear-resistant and elastic floor surface.


There are many ways to deal with the wall surface of children’s room. The colorful wall paint generally uses Dulux five in one, which is convenient for cleaning the wall surface; the background can use elegant and warm wallpaper and wall cloth; the shape of the roof ceiling should be changed to let them experience the breath of nature and give full play to their imagination.

Space: inspire creative thinking

In order to ensure that there is a game area as large as possible, the furniture should not be too much, and should be limited to beds, tables and chairs, and cabinets for storing toys and clothes.

Children like to doodle on the wall at will. They can hang a white board in their activity area to let children have a place where they can Doodle and post freely. This will not damage the overall space, but also stimulate the creativity of children. Children’s art works or handmade works can also be placed on a display board or a laminated shelf in a corner of the space, which not only satisfies children’s sense of achievement, but also achieves the role of interesting display.

When buying furniture, you should consider multi-functional and variable. May as well choose the easy to move, high combination, convenient for them to readjust the space at any time.

&Therefore, it is very important for the healthy development and growth of children to provide them with an environment-friendly, safe and comfortable indoor environment. If you are interested in what kind of good common sense of children’s protective fence, please go to our Baibai safety net to search