Children’s room furniture is necessary in children’s room, and environmental protection and safety are the primary considerations when children’s room is decorated, so we should pay attention to the environmental protection of furniture when choosing children’s room furniture. Children are in the immature period of growth and development, and some decoration pollution cannot be resisted, which is easy to cause harm to the body. Therefore, we must choose healthy, environmental friendly and safe children’s furniture.

Notes on choosing children’s furniture

Design: the weight has mystery

Function: anti smashing

It seems that the weight of children’s furniture is a little extreme, either especially heavy or light. In fact, it is also exquisite to prevent it from hitting children. Because children’s strength is limited, he may be able to lift the furniture, but he may not have enough strength to maintain it for a certain period of time, so he may let the furniture in his hand slide down and hit his feet. Light furniture made of plastic is unlikely to be damaged. But if the material of the table and stool used by children is relatively heavy, they will generally make it impossible for them to lift them in the design, and they can only push them to walk, so that even if they do, they will fall outwards and will not hit themselves.

Pay attention to material selection

Use glass carefully

Generally speaking, children’s furniture is not suitable to use ordinary glass materials, because the glass is fragile, and the sharp edges and corners formed after fragmentation are easy to cause damage. I remember when I was in primary school, there was a classmate who accidentally broke the glass coffee table at home during the playing process, and his thigh was seriously scratched. That long scar is still fresh in my memory. If the transparent material must be used for aesthetic reasons, the designer suggests using toughened glass or organic sheet instead.

Wood furniture is popular

This year’s natural trend makes wood furniture popular. Experts say that wood furniture that meets environmental protection standards is also a good choice for children’s furniture. This year, the new solid wood series of “Mickey earth” uses the Finnish pine produced in northern Europe as the processing material. Finland is one of the countries that mainly produce furniture materials in northern Europe. Compared with other pine varieties, Finland has outstanding characteristics of good wood stability, physical compression resistance, shear resistance and strong nail holding power.

It is said that the first choice of wood used in the world-famous Finnish sauna room is Finnish pine, which reflects the super adaptability of Finnish pine in different temperature and dry humidity environment. Finns have a history of more than 300 years on pine processing. Pine processing technology ranks first in the world, and the technology is very mature. The pine wood, which was originally extruded by excessive resin, was degreased and dried into high-quality processing materials, and kept its simple texture, lifelike texture and pure and bright color. Of course, the surface of children’s wooden furniture must be completely polished and smooth without barbs.

Fabric home appliances are popular

Now children have many toys. Do they often feel headache for children’s disordered toys? Children’s room also needs certain storage function. Fabric storage bags can be folded when they are not in use. They do not occupy space, and they are easy to clean.

In addition, cartoon shaped storage bags can effectively cultivate children’s interest and habit of actively cleaning up debris. For example, IKEA has a dragon shaped storage bag on the wall, which is popular with children. In terms of bedding, experts recommend using pure cotton, because it is safe and breathable, which can prevent their delicate skin from allergic reaction to textiles.

Pay attention to the safety of children’s furniture, and pay attention to the material selection. Otherwise, choosing furniture that is not suitable for children will do harm to children’s health. I hope this knowledge can help you. If you want to know more about how to prevent children from bumping at home, you can log in to Baibai safety net, more details are waiting for you!