Decoration is not only time-consuming, laborious and painstaking, the most important thing is that if it is not handled well, it will cause a series of sequelae in the future, such as the more sensitive decoration pollution now. In addition to the common building materials pollution, do you know there is light pollution in the decoration? Do you know how much damage light pollution does to baby? Do you know how much damage light pollution does to baby? Let’s pay attention to the noise and light pollution at home, and make the baby’s life healthier.

The noise and light pollution in the visual environment can be roughly divided into three types: one is the outdoor visual environment pollution, such as the exterior wall of the building; the other is the indoor visual environment pollution, such as the interior decoration, indoor poor light and color environment; the third is the local visual environment pollution, such as book paper, some industrial products, etc.

light pollution

Catching up with fashionable young parents, most of them like to put all kinds of luxurious lights on their new houses. But they don’t know that too dazzling light is also a kind of pollution to children, which is called light pollution. Light pollution mainly comes from the excessive and uncoordinated light radiation caused by sunlight, light and various reflective and refracting light sources in human living environment. In light pollution, the first victims of human body are the eyes and skin that directly contact the light source, which has a greater impact on infants and children. Strong light will weaken the vision of infants and children, and affect their vision development.

Dazzling lights will not only harm people’s visual function, but also interfere with the function of brain nerves. Children are particularly sensitive to light stimulation. When stimulated by light, the brain will produce a series of adverse reactions. It is particularly noteworthy that some young parents, for the convenience of the night, install long bright lights in their children’s bedrooms to let their children “sleep on”, which can lead to a series of problems, such as disturbing the sleep of infants, hindering the absorption of calcium, inducing myopia and even leukemia and other diseases.


● indoor lighting should not blindly pursue luxury, but should be simple;

● don’t turn on the light when children sleep, and avoid “bright sleep”;

Therefore, children, especially infants, can’t keep the lamp on for a long time when they sleep. If they have special needs, they can choose the night table lamp for eye protection.

● do not allow children to watch TV programs with flickering pictures and rapid changes for a long time, and contact computers and video game machines for a limited time, so as not to damage their vision or induce photosensitive epilepsy.

Children under 1 year old should not watch TV; children under 2 years old should rest for a period of time after 20 or 30 minutes of watching TV; children under 3 years old should not watch TV for more than 1 hour, and should play outside after watching a program.

● check regularly to make children’s eyes healthier

For some children’s eye problems, parents such as early detection and early treatment will get twice the result with half the effort, because the younger the age is, the better the treatment effect will be, and the treatment effect will be very poor after the adult.

Parents regularly take their children to the eye center for examination, and make early qualitative and quantitative detection of developmental diseases of young children (1-3 years old) through MTI screen, manual screen, etc. If children suffer from refractive error, amblyopia, strabismus and other eye diseases, they will be treated in time after screening. Through early detection and treatment, the harm will be reduced to the lowest level, so that children will be free from eye diseases in the growth process.

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