It’s cold in winter. Bathing your baby is also a technical work, because it’s easy for your baby to catch cold if you don’t pay attention to it. What should you pay attention to when bathing your baby in winter? In fact, three aspects should be paid attention to when bathing in winter. Look at the experience of mom and dad.

Parents should pay attention to three aspects when bathing the newborn baby:

room temperature

In winter, the bath room temperature should be 27-29 ℃, and there should be no convection in the room. You can use the bath bar to raise the room temperature, or try to take a bath in the daytime when the temperature is high.

water temperature

It should be 37-40 ℃. Put cold water first, then hot water for debugging. It’s better to use bath water temperature meter to measure the temperature accurately.

Bath times

The baby can be bathed every 2-3 days, but the mother should make sure to wash the baby’s face, hands and buttocks every day.

Mom and dad experience:

Nini’s Mom: get the baby bathtub and bath bed ready

Baby’s special bathtub and bath bed are essential. Newborn babies generally have a fear of bathing. They need to rely on the bath bed (stand) to enhance their sense of security.

Vivian’s Mom: turn bathing into a game

Many babies are afraid of bathing, and my baby is no exception. In order to let him cooperate with me safely to complete the task, I will put some prepared water sucking ducks into the water, and then let the baby wash and play. Now, the baby not only has overcome the “phobia” of bathing, but also likes the “bathtub game”.

Tip: after washing the baby’s trunk, it doesn’t mean that the task is over completely. There are still some details that need help from Mom and Dad, such as cleaning the nose, earwax and nursing the navel. Therefore, bathing the baby is not so easy.

Zhiqing Dad: nose aspirator

Because the baby’s nostril is small, it’s very convenient to clean the secretions in the nose.

Tianbaoma: cotton sticks and 1 bottle of alcohol

The cleaning of baby’s ears, nose and navel requires cotton sticks, which can be prepared more at home. In addition, when scrubbing the navel, you should prepare alcohol, which should be used for disinfection.

In a word, before bathing your baby in winter, you must anticipate all kinds of problems that may occur during bathing, and do a good job of preparation to prevent your baby from getting cold. If you want to know more about what health habits children need to cultivate, you can log in to Baibai safety net, more details are waiting for you!