How much does computer radiation affect the fetus? This is what many expectant mothers want to know. Modern people are basically inseparable from electronic products, but not only computers, mobile phones, televisions and so on will produce radiation. Do these radiation have any impact on the fetus?

Playing computer during pregnancy, the baby is prone to mental regression!

Ms. Chen, from Mianyang, said that her son, who is one and a half years old, would be called “father” and “mother”. Everything seemed normal. But recently, children can only lie in bed, do not speak, do not laugh, and even it is very difficult to sit up. Doctors say the child is experiencing a mental regression.

Ms. Chen recalled that when her child was 10 months old, she occasionally had convulsions. Her family didn’t care much at that time, but took her to a nearby hospital for a simple look. Recently, children’s convulsions are more and more frequent and longer. Sometimes, they shake their fists tightly for more than ten minutes three or four times a day. Their expressions look painful. According to the neurology examination, the doctor diagnosed that the child had infantile spasm.

Infantile spasm is a kind of epilepsy syndrome in infancy. Frequent spasm will affect the intelligence development of children. It is reported that the incidence of this disease accounts for between 3000-4000% of infants, and children’s hospital will treat many such children every year. Generally, it is caused by congenital and birth injury, virus infection, trauma, heredity, etc.

Ms. Chen said that she was in good health and paid great attention to all kinds of nutrition and health care during pregnancy. She did not know why her child had this disease. Through careful understanding, it was found that Ms. Chen’s long-term exposure to computers and copiers during pregnancy was closely related to her child’s infantile spasm.

Ms. Chen said that she is the Secretary of a water company, and one day’s work is to sit in front of the computer and make reports and drawings. Ms. Chen recalled that she was caught up with several projects at the beginning of her pregnancy and was very busy with her work. Every day, she tapped the keyboard on the company’s old-fashioned computer. Go home in the evening and watch all kinds of pregnancy on the Internet.

Experts said that such a long time in the computer, copier and other radiation sources, for pregnant women is very bad. Especially in the early 4 months of pregnancy, it is the differentiation and development period of fetal brain cells, long-term interference by radiation, ultrasound and so on, it is very easy to cause gene mutation in fetal brain. Therefore, remind pregnant women, during pregnancy, especially in the first four months, should try to use less Internet, less photocopier, etc., in addition, should also pay attention to avoid decoration pollution.

It can be seen that playing computer during pregnancy, the baby is prone to mental regression! It’s better for pregnant women to be careful during pregnancy. Pregnant women should not use computers for more than 20 hours a week and leave for 10 minutes every hour. If you want to know more about electric shock prevention for children at home, please continue to pay attention to the recent update of Baibai safety net.