I believe that many parents probably know some precautions for bathing their baby, such as paying attention to protecting the navel belt, bathing time should not be too long, bathing times need not be too frequent and so on. Besides, please don’t leave the baby in the bathroom alone!

Don’t let the baby bathe alone in the bathroom

According to the report: a young mother bathed a four-year-old child, and the mother went back to the bedroom to pick up the child’s pajamas and let the child play alone in the bathroom for a few minutes, but when the mother returned to the bathroom, she found the child lying in the bathroom urinal directly, pale and purple lips. When I went to the hospital, I was suffocated. So I want to say, no matter at any time, don’t let the child stay in the bath alone. No one would like to see such a tragedy happen, and only the carelessness of this mother can cause such a tragedy.

I haven’t come home from work to see Xinpo enter the elevator with her blood covered body. Xinpa follows in panic. I look at her back is full of blood, heartache asked: what’s the matter? Xin’s father frowned and said, “I bumped in the shower, and the back of my head was broken.”. I nervously looked at the small warm back of my head. Indeed, a bright red hole was bleeding. I took a napkin to stop bleeding for her. The small warm cried loudly. I tried to calm her and let her not be afraid.

Xinpo said, “I’ll hang the clothes after I wash them.”. Then I took a deep breath: ah ~ I asked anxiously: how can she be alone in the bath? No one to look at it? Where the hell is this? Xinpo went on to say: when I dressed her, I found out that it should have hit the tap. God, there’s so much blood. Looking at the tears on xiaoxiangyi’s face, I don’t know what to say. I’m in a very complicated mood, but I know that it’s not appropriate to investigate who’s responsible now, so I can only send the child to the hospital first.

Xin’s father hurried to drive, and the little warmth calmed down a lot in my comfort. When I’m in the car, it’s stuck in my arms and nobody touches it. She snuggled up to me, her small hand tightly holding me. Not as energetic as usual, it became much quieter. Xinpo is afraid of the little warm blood on my clothes and wants to hold her by herself. Small warm stubborn refused to leave, soft and soft rely on me. At this time, children need their mothers. I covered the wound with a tissue and tried not to let the blood flow out again. Xin dad said he was going to the children’s hospital. I said that the children’s hospital is so far away. There must be a traffic jam. Otherwise, he should go to the Second Affiliated Hospital first. But Xin’s father said: at this point, there must be no doctor on duty in the Second Affiliated Hospital. I continued: let’s have a look first. After all, it’s close.

&Nbsp; through the above events, we can wait until the baby is alone in the bathroom to take a bath when it is a very dangerous thing. No matter how busy mothers are in the future, they should never leave their baby in the bathroom alone, lest such tragedy happen again. If you have any questions about children’s health habits and other home-based knowledge, please continue to pay attention to Baibai safety net children’s personal health and safety common sense column.