We know that baby sleep is very important, but in order to ensure the safety of baby sleep and reduce the risk, the first thing mom and dad must do is to provide a safe sleep environment for baby, so what specific requirements does a safe sleep environment need to meet?

Let children go to bed early

Children’s height is not only related to heredity, nutrition and physical exercise, but also to the secretion of growth hormone. Growth hormone is a protein secreted by human hypothalamus, which can promote the growth and development of skeleton, muscle, connective tissue and viscera. Too little growth hormone is bound to cause short stature. The secretion of growth hormone has its specific rhythm, that is, people can produce growth hormone after sleeping, and gradually enter the peak after sleeping for an hour, generally from 22:00 to 1:00 in the morning. If you sleep too late, for children who are growing up, their height will be affected. Therefore, children can not sleep more than 21 hours at the latest, generally 20 hours before sleep is the most appropriate. In this way, we will not miss the peak of growth hormone secretion.

Let children sleep

Let children have enough sleep is most conducive to children’s growth and development. It’s related to the amount of sleep children need. Newborns sleep 16 hours a day, 14 hours three months after birth, 13 hours from six months to one year old, and 12 hours from two to three years old. That is to say, half of the time of a day is in sleep. Heterogeneous sleep is also called “fast wave sleep” and “eye beat sleep”, which can rest the brain most. It can be seen how important it is to let infants sleep fully.

Please turn off the light after sleeping

Usually, when the lights are off, the body’s physiological function is coordinated and metabolism is balanced. However, if it is exposed to artificial light for a long time, due to the subtle “light pressure”, the physiological regulation of the human retina will be disturbed, and the eyeball and ciliary muscle will not be fully rested. For a long time, it will inevitably affect vision. It has been reported that the absorption of calcium in infants who are often exposed to light at night should be reduced by about 25%. The lack of calcium will also cause myopia, easy to wake up from sleep, prolonged feeding time, slow weight gain and many other problems, which are harmful to the growth and development of children. In addition, it may also affect the protective inhibition of the central nervous system, leading to intellectual and language disorders.

In order to make the child develop healthily, turn off the light after sleeping at night. Remember not to work, read or watch TV with the lights on.

Therefore, in order to ensure the quality of children’s sleep, parents should turn off the TV and so on. Good sleep can ensure the healthy growth and development of the baby, enhance immunity and reduce the number of diseases. If you want to know more about children’s home electric shock prevention, you can go to Baibai safety net to search!